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  1. opusman

    2 x QF LOUNGE PASSES - expiry 16 Jun 2021

    No worries, DM me your QFF number and last name and they shall be yours.
  2. opusman

    2 x QF LOUNGE PASSES - expiry 16 Jun 2021

    I have no use for these, so first in best dressed. Please say if you want one or both.
  3. opusman

    Cancellation of flight

    Which flight was cancelled? If LHR-SIN then she should be covered I think. If SIN-BNE then EU.261 would not apply. (sorry I misread message originally)
  4. opusman

    Order a Qantas "care pack" for $25

    The stuff in the amenity kits probably goes off eventually.
  5. opusman

    Order a Qantas "care pack" for $25

    They must be getting desperate if they're flogging off the jim jams and the tim tams.
  6. opusman

    I wonder if QF will offer status extensions to Melbourne customers

    I'd be happy if they'd just stop emailing me about all the wonderful places I could go!
  7. opusman

    Tasmania Border control late July

    Will be interesting to see what they do when they do after opening the border. Launch a "Come visit Tasmania!" tourism blitz on the mainland? I think the response will be "Tasmania? Where's that?".
  8. opusman

    Qantas Status Run refund/postpone/re-ticket

    If it's just a status run, why don't you tell them they can keep the money if they just give you the SCs.
  9. opusman

    The way out of lockdowns etc in Australia

    Interesting take that political affiliation should be a factor in guiding the response...
  10. opusman

    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Thank you whoever originally dug up that email address. It does seem to work miracles!
  11. opusman

    General Coronavirus chit chat thread - non-travel specific

    interesting study from University of Chicago on the effects of misinformation. Basically the more you watch Fox News the more likely you are to catch COVID.
  12. opusman

    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Absolutely nothing. I used the chat function in the app to find out what was happening with my refund, and was told because I agreed to the voucher there wouldn't be one. As if I never clicked the refund button at all. I said I hadn't agreed to the voucher, and she then said ok she could refund...
  13. opusman

    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Seems like the "Refund" button does nothing; if you've clicked that thinking it means you'll get a refund you're in for disappointment.
  14. opusman

    How are we (Australia) going to pay for this COVID-19 spending?

    And that's a big assumption to make. The whole system is going to have to change.
  15. opusman

    Dumb Airlines not thinking

    Yeah, nah, not really.
  16. opusman

    Hydroxychloroquine - What Goes On?

    My only thought is you should stop watching Fox News. It doesn't make you clever, or more informed, or more likely to see through the conspiracy. It just gives you misinformation.
  17. opusman

    Free Free complimentary Qantas lounge passes

    Aren't all the lounges shut?
  18. opusman

    China - what is actually the reality there?

    Australia, decent fight?
  19. opusman

    What can you do to help (COVID19)...

    Surely ventilator design is a solved problem, and now's not really the time to be trialling unproven (and unapproved) technology?
  20. opusman

    Dumb Airlines not thinking

    A pandemic is extremely foreseeable, and scientists have been warning Western governments about the possibility for a long time now...