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    Happy AAdvantage vs. QF stinginess

    It is a problem paying AA with an AU located credit card. The issue is that our postcodes have 4 digits, while AAdvantage expects the US 5 or 6 digits. You have to call AA and ask the agent to add a leading zero to your address zip code. But a hint. No need to persevere with all the "push 1 for...
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    How low can Etihad go ?

    Hmmmm. I've just redeemed 85K AAdvantage miles on Etihad for Brussels to Melbourne in J in October. The only seats on offer were on Etihad. None on BA, QR or AY who also are OneWorld partners out of BRU. Seems these other carriers are filling their seats while EY are grasping at straws. At least...
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    Happy AAdvantage vs. QF stinginess

    Using AAdvantage miles have happily booked a multi trip MEL-ZAG and return AMS-MEL in September/October for a holiday. Got the return leg this morning. It "cost" 85,000 miles and US$54 taxes in business class flying a fast 22 hour trip on Etihad. As an exercise in futility, I cross-checked...
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    A very long run comes to an end...

    LP for a long time. For more than a decade I have just done bare minimum to maintain Plat. Then apply most subsequent OW mileage to AAdvantage. Sadly that program was belted over the head last year. Getting harder to find a caring carrier!! And QFF; Holy Cow. At exactly 355 days out I attempted...
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    Qantas FF Status Match

    Hi All for many years I was QFF Platinum. For the last two years was in a job with little travel so have dropped to lifetime Gold status. Now starting a new job with very large travel to Asia requirement, starting immediately. I think it worth asking QF if they want to attract my business with...
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    HKG transit - checked baggage advice

    Absolutely concur. I've done it often. Even if there is some arcane 'rule' in the fine print, the airline staff at most airports, including HKG are too busy to do something as daft as try to find such luggage. Go and enjoy the Island or TST!! By the way, I was in HKG last week.. What a relief...
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    Summary of reduction in QFF "earn and burn" benefits?

    Hi All, a long time since I last posted. Just now I was checking my QFF status credits because a loyalty bonus is due, having hit 500 credits today. I noticed in the "fine print" that ..."from 1 July 2013, only Status credits earned from flights with a QF flight number (including partner airline...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Dear All, next month with the family we are off to Honolulu. Having happily gone through LAX and JFK recently with my APEC card on my own, I'm interested to know if anyone has had success getting through HNL airport with 3 family members in tow...... HNL is one of the worst airports in the world...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Hi All I came in through JFK last week (off Cathay Pacific) all ready to try the card, but ended up numero uno in the regular lane (unusual experience) so didn't get to try it out. A couple of days earlier I tried my luck at Vancouver. The queue was huge, so I asked an officer if my card...
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    Is it worth joining AA if you don't fly AA?

    Hi Dave, always appreciate your platinum help! I almost always fly in J (thanks boss!) and don't know all the issues relating to economy travel. A work buddy wants to take a holiday MEL-LHR-MEL in mid year, probably flying CX on an L class economy ticket. If she takes on the Plat Challenge, does...
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    How many SCs do you get in a year?

    Don't worry Coyote, they won't call. After I swung to AAdvantage for all my flights I instantly dropped from a 2500 SC per year customer to zero. QF doesn't seem to have noticed / cared.....
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    Free Hotel Lounges in Japan

    Slightly off-topic is the parallel to airport lounges - hotel lounges. Wanted to mention to all FF'ers traveling to Japan that most Japanese hotel chains offer 'club lounges' to guests. Always free, it is just necessary to sign up, just once for each chain. Access is available irrespective of...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Mine is number 7xx_ - got PRC onto it almost a year ago, Nov 2005. I also dropped a note to the very helpful folks at the Dept requesting priority for PRC as I go there reasonably often. It took about 8 weeks or so, as best as I remember.
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    The ULTIMATE Qantas Guide

    Hi Lindsay I haven't used the Mileage Monkey for a couple of months. Tried to do so today and the site seems to have gone AWOL. I couldn't find anything on Google (except reference to your original article) Do you know any path to that tool now? Thanks David
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    Qantas Loyalty Programme – An oxymoron

    Now that's an interesting comment. Can you tell me which other routes (ie distance) have the same issue? This week I was told my company needs to save $$$$ by year end and by the way, would you mind flying economy sometimes into Asia? Well, yes, I do mind! But if I knew the 330-300s must have...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Re: APEC Card ~ How long to issue Interim Card? But if urgently needed, mention this in the request. The APEC folks are excellent - very customer focused and have always responded quickly in my experience.
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    Qantas Loyalty Programme – An oxymoron

    All that has been written above applies to me. I'm writing from Asia, having come up on QF earlier in the week on an old 767. Chose this because it was a non-stop - the only thing going for it. Big disappointment compared to 2 weeks ago on SQ where the amenities & seat was soooo much better...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Ahhh... self satisfaction! Last week was the BIG week in Japan for summer holidays. Departing Narita on Monday, the queues were massive at immigration in terminal 1. I had to shuffle my way past the people at the very back of the hall (because the queues went all the way to the wall) to get over...
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    Everything is Sydney Sydney Sydney

    There is no doubt QF is SYD-centric... that's where the higher proportion of flyers want to go, and where QF management live... they like having non-stops to their homes;) My impression is that they only provide non-stop services to MEL and BNE if there is competitive pressure. They won't do so...
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    AA Platinum Challenge - Tips

    Well I could have (1) gone in search of the holy grail, or (2) asked my 11 year old.... but your exact directions have yielded fruit - many thanks Dave.