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  1. Alanslegal

    Bon voyage et merci

    After eight years and over 5,000 posts later I have finally decided to call it quits. This place is like 'smoking' - very addictive and hard to quit. This is my second attempt, the first failed four years ago after another member persuaded me to stay around. That member is no longer a member...
  2. Alanslegal

    What to do in Cyprus?

    Looking at a quick three night visit to Cyprus - so trying to see as much as I can in such little time. Also any hotel recommendations? preferably with a nice pool and easy access to the town (so I can explore, wine and dine).
  3. Alanslegal

    Jamaica - should I go? Is it safe?

    Hey all, I am thinking of checking out Jamaica but all my searches online make Jamaica sound like its a dangerous place where I'd be mugged at the minimum :shock: Has anyone been there, or know anyone who has been there recently? Thanks,
  4. Alanslegal

    Head to Head: Singapore Airlines Suites vs Emirates Airways First

    (And to make it a three way battle, we'll add Thai Airways Royal First to this contest). Whichever way you look at this, Singapore Airlines A380 Suites has been arguably the benchmark for First Class air travel for best part of the last decade – starring the only luxurious double bed flying in...
  5. Alanslegal

    Should I renew my passport?

    Hi guys, just a quick question, I am flying out in exactly four weeks (Singapore, Japan, USA, UAE and Thailand) and have roughly 3/4's in total of pages that are blank in my passport .... is there enough space for all the stamps and Japanese sticker, or should I renew my passport? I know it...
  6. Alanslegal

    SPG Promotions Thread

    Hey guys, I know its half way through the year but I'd thought start the SPG Promotions Thread - better late than never right? ;) Will try (and anyone else feel free) to update this thread when/if promotions are offered:- There are a three promotions that have started or about to start, so...
  7. Alanslegal

    Recommend Me A Restaurant (RMAR) on my RTW 2015 trip

    Hi Guys, In five weeks time I will be flying off on a RTW and visiting Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Dubai and Bangkok along the way. I have been to all these cities before, except Dubai which will be the first time. I am currently pressed for time :(...
  8. Alanslegal

    Free Free Qantas J Pyjamas at Martin Place, Sydney today

    Qantas is giving away their J class jam-jams at Martin Place, here in Sydney right now ... so get in whilst stock lasts lol
  9. Alanslegal

    Las Vegas - restaurant suggestions?

    Hi guys, Not quite sure if I have asked but I am seeking some Las Vegas restaurant suggestions. I will be holding a very special occasion - an once in a lifetime dinner - :lol: :p ;) :D :lol: :lol: There will be upwards of 20 people so looking for either a private room, or somewhere where...
  10. Alanslegal

    Citibank QF Signature $348/annum and 70K bonus

    Found this deal which might be worthwhile to a few here; It's a Citibank QF Signature; $299 annual fee + $49 Qantas rewards program fee ..... and 70,000 points bonus So effectively buying 70,000 points for $348 if you keep the card for less than 12 months and cancel same...
  11. Alanslegal

    Find me the cheapest SPG property in the world?

    Trying to locate the cheapest SPG property in the world and I see one or two in Indonesia (Sheraton Lampung) that hover around the $40-$50 mark. Just thinking whether I could rack up some decent nights by bookking four weeks at a time, check in for a few nights ---- depart for 3 weeks and come...
  12. Alanslegal

    20cents per point? ;) :D

    Last week I booked two EK F seats using the remains of my QF points. 2F seats JFK-DXB and it cost me 252,000 + US$1500 taxes. The same flight, same date 06AUG, as a revenue ticket on reveals a total cost of US$39,536 + US$1500 taxes. Using AUD$1 = US$0.78, then US$39,536 = $50,687...
  13. Alanslegal

    Air NZ Premium Economy SYD-LAX return $2100

    Some nice Y+ fares with Air New Zealand. Eg. SYD to LAX via AKL for $2100. Sample dates 19/7 - 03/08 Their long haul Y+ cabins look fancy ;) Premium Economy Spaceseat | Air New Zealand
  14. Alanslegal

    A Melbourne woman is suing Air Asia for a broken ankle.....

    In summary, Air Asia plane hits turbulence, Melbourne woman falls out of her seat (sucked in for not wearing a seatbelt), Air Asia stewardess loses her balance and falls onto her ankle and as a result suffers some injuries..... I thought about this long and hard, and at the end of the day...
  15. Alanslegal

    BRG will now better the rate by 20% :) :)

    I have just found out that the Best Rate Guarantee Program has now doubled their discount to 20% off (or 1,000 points). As someone who has only stayed at a Starwood property once in the past 12 months, I have managed to re-book into two hotels for March 2015 thanks to two successful BRG claims...
  16. Alanslegal

    CB Plus, can I walk into a CB branch in Hong Kong to withdraw money?

    Sorry for the new thread; I am currently in Hong Kong right now and need to withdraw around ~USD$10K. Can I just walk into one of their branches and withdraw that amount? Have proper ID etc etc
  17. Alanslegal

    Earth's Party Capital ...... Ibiza!!!

    Earth's Party Capital ........ Ibiza!!! I visited Ibiza in 2012 and 2013 back to back. The memories are still vivid, the dance music is still pulsating through my head, and my body bounces in-sync to the beats. The fun that we had, the smiles that I shared with my friends, and the high-fivers...
  18. Alanslegal

    Chinese investors buys the Waldorf Astoria New York

    The Chinese are buying everything at the moment; and they add the Waldorf Astoria New York to their list for USD$1.95 billion.... Chinese investors buy New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel
  19. Alanslegal

    EK415 syd-dxb diverts to per due to unwell passenger

    i know quite a few people here would not fly EK for a variety of reasons but well done to them for diverting due to unwell passenger..... Emirates flight bound for Dubai drops off unwell passenger at Perth Airport
  20. Alanslegal

    Paris hotel with view of Eiffel Tower

    Hi guys, Can someone recommend me a hotel with a magical and unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower? If its from the room that would be awesome but otherwise a rooftop bar or terrace would be just as good. I have a budget in mind, upwards of $600/night at this stage, might spend more if its...