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    Thanks - now I have to prove it :(

    Hi, First of all many thanks for those who have promoted the Platinum challenge. I completed this this week :) Incidently the flight that gave me Platinum earnt us 10,146 miles (so we just squeezed in) However - now I have a problem - how can I prove it? I am currently in Perth - and...
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    Baggage confusion

    Hi, I am puzzled. Can someone please confirm the baggage allowance for 2 passangers on Qantas. We will be flying a combination of first class on internationals (LHR/SIN - SIN/PERTH SYD/HK) - the internals (hobart/Sydney Cairns/Brisbane) are in economy at this stage. All flights are on...
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    Let the challenge begin....

    Okay tickets picked up - well a sheet of paper with electronic numbers ;) 04DEC - London LHR - Singapore - class A 08DEC - Singapore - Perth - class D 15DEC - Perth - Cairns - class D 22DEC - Cairns - Brisbane - class V 02JAN - Sydny - Hobart - class H 09JAN - Hobart - Sydney - class S 10JAN -...
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    Qantas First Class lounge at Heathrow T4

    Hi, Am I correct in saying that if I am flying first class on Qantas, we can only use the Qantas lounge? And not any other oneworld alliance partner? What is the lounge like? Is it worth arrivng a little earlier to enjoy it? or not worry too much? Any tips or advice? Thanks.
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    AA FF number on checkmytrip

    Hi, I have given my AA number to my agent. Should this appear on checkmytrip - if so where? I can't see it - as a result, I can't see if it has been added. Is there anyway to find out if it has been added?
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    Can first class be in fare class 'S'

    Hi, Can a first class ticket be booked in fare class 'S'? My agent reckons a first class from Sydney to Hong Kong is in class S - which would mean just 50% of the miles for this journey :( I also have one in class V - but that is an economy from Cains to Brisbane, so not to bad to loose 50%...
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    Is it worth joining QF?

    Hi, I am due to embark on a 35K+ journey on Qantas - currently I only have a AA card, and can do a platinum challange on my first leg. The entire journey will be mostly first & business with some economy. Is it worth me to build up my AA points total - or start a QF and put points on that...
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    Sim's in Australia / Singapore / Hong Kong?

    Hi, I am trying VOIP diverted to local sim's for a trip around Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This is by far the cheapest way to get incoming calls rather than me paying roaming charges for incoming calls. Can anyone suggest the best options for prepaid sims in these three countries...