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    Gold Member Offers Transfer your Electricity and/or Gas and get up to $140 back

    You're probably aware of the many Energy comparison services available in Australia. These services make it easy for you to get a better deal by comparing what you are currently paying your current provider with alternative providers. If they find you a better deal, they can then facilitate you...
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    Australian FF We're back!!

    As you may be aware, we experienced a major outage at our Data Centre on Monday morning. The outage lasted for 3 days!! It goes without saying that I apologise for AFF not being available for such an extended period and thank you all for your patience and understanding. I know that many of our...
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    AFF 3 day outage (April 2021)

    Please see my announcement for full details of what happened.
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    Australian FF New AFF Supporter options

    You may have noticed that we've made some changes to our upgrade options. (As a reminder, it's free to join AFF and all AFF members can fully participate in our community. Registered members have the option to become an AFF supporter.) First and foremost, we haven't increased our prices! Nor...
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    Australian FF AFF Upgrade

    As you will have noticed, we have just upgraded our forums to the latest version of Xenforo. :) While much has remained the same, there are some new features in this new version. Please see the Guide to Using Xenforo 2.2 if you need any clarification. Additional features (such as Question...
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    Australian FF Flight Tracker to be retired (your action may be required) + New AFF Style

    We will be upgrading XenForo (our core forum software) to the latest version in the coming weeks. This new release has some exciting features which I'll be highlighting soon. But today - in preparation for the upgrade - I'm making two important announcements: 1. Flight Tracker to be retired TO...
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    Australian FF Revised Posting Guidelines

    Further to my announcement Reminder of our Terms of Services which we will now be enforcing more strictly (17 March), it disappoints me to report that some members continue to flaunt our guidelines by posting disrespectful, bullying, argumentative, and generally unconstructive comments...
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    Australian FF No ads on AFF!! (limited time)

    As you probably know our paid SILVER and GOLD members don't see advertisements on any AFF forum and article page. Given that many of our members (especially us Victorians!) are stuck at home spending hours online, I thought it would be a good time for our non-paid members to experience an...
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    Australian state border restrictions

    I know that many of us have an interest in what is happening in regard to state border restrictions. So I have therefore created this (sticky) thread so that we can "crowd source" the latest information. As at 7 August, the situation is best described in Matt's article which was published in...
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    Australian FF Changes to AFF Structure now complete

    Further to my announcement yesterday, we have now completed the changes to the AFF structure. Nothing drastic - just some new forum categories (such as "Ground Transport, Cruising & Rail") and forums (such as "Train Travel"). We have also moved some existing forums into the new categories, and...
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    Australian FF Some changes are coming

    Just a heads-up that we are planning on making some changes to the AFF structure in the coming days. The structure (ie. the layout of categories and forums on Australian Frequent Flyer) hasn't really been changed in almost 20 years! So it's long overdue :) To prepare we have already made some...
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    Free Sourdough starter (now gone!)

    Like many others I've been taking advantage of the lockdown to brush up on my domestic skills. This includes baking sourdough bread. As you may know a "starter" is required to get started. I purchased the starter (+ instructions) on ebay -...
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    Australian FF A time to "give back" to those who have made our travel experience.

    Can you please see the thread I started in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion forum. Thank you.
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    A time to "give back" to those who have made our travel experience. Your ideas please.

    As we all know this is a very difficult time for many, many people. In addition to the financial, social & health hardships we are experiencing, as avid travellers we are now also unable to enjoy the "privilege of travel" which many of us have experienced over the years. Tough as this is for us...
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    Australian FF Coronavirus (COVID-19) discussion (Update)

    Since my last community announcement just over 2 weeks ago, the situation has unfortunately only been getting worse with a truely devastating impact on individual lives, our society, our economy and of course the airline industry. To ensure our members can easily find information and discuss...
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    Australian FF Reminder of our Terms of Services which we will now be enforcing more strictly

    Over the last few weeks I've been unhappy with the 'general tone' of some posts from some of our members. I'm not sure if it's to do with the bushfires, floods, or the anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus. Whatever the reason, the moderators and I find this unacceptable and we will be taking...
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    Australian FF Coronavirus (COVID-19) discussion

    22 March: Please see update HERE We’ve noticed a large number of new threads discussing the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and its impact on travel. This is completely understandable and will hopefully assist our members in working through the travel and related challenges we are all...
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    Australian FF New "Off Topic Discussion" Category

    As you will recall, AFF has had "Playground" where members could discus "off topic" matters. Posts in the Playground were only visible to members (ie. not visitors) and did not count towards the member's post count. This "Playground" has now been replaced with a new "Off Topic Discussion"...
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    Australian FF Bushfire Appeal 2020

    It goes without saying that we are all affected by the horrific events unfolding in our country right now. Sitting in the relative comfort of my office in Melbourne, I can only imagine how people (let alone the estimated half a billion animals and birds who have perished!) who are directly...
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    FF Solutions Webinar - Credit Card Churning in 2020

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. The next webinar will be held at 8pm (AEDT)...