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    Tooner & Dr Tooner head off to Europe

    It's been some time since I've written a TR, but then I've not done much flying of interest. While the Tooners headed to South Africa for Christmas, it was SQ Y and hardly notable (except for SIN would be the only place you could achieve a less than 60 min transfer!). This one is a little...
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    VA/SQ Anniversary Dinner

    Has anyone else been invited to a VA/SQ dinner at Sydney Tower 18 March?
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    Man fined for using another person's boarding pass

    From ABC news: Top Stories: Man convicted for using friend's boarding pass A Melbourne man who arranged for another man to give him his airline boarding pass has been convicted in Hobart under laws designed to crack down on terrorists. Elie Mekhael, 24, is the first person convicted in...
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    It may be one of the last for QF, but it's a first for Tooner

    It has been a long time between TRs!:oops: Since my last trip to LOTFAP via DFW, a steady diet of SYD - MEL has only been broken by a couple of JASAs to PER (which have been used to help me keep WP). Oh, and a 6 week trip to Europe in June/July to see the Tour de France (but that was all the...
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    Sydney to New York via Dallas in the refurbished QF 3 class 747

    I haven’t written many trip reports of late, as there wasn’t much to talk about in my recent trips. Mostly bus trips to Melbourne, with some trips in the new VA after the status match, but others covered that very well. Given the interest in the new seating options the refurbished 3 class 747...
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    Cider in the MEL J Lounge!

    Not sure how new this is, but just after ordering my G&T in the MEL J lounge noticed a Bulmers tap contraption thingy in the corner near the staff door! Too late for me given the G&T in hand, but noted for my next MEL trip. Anyone sampled it yet? Is this a response to the Strongbow in The Lounge?
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    Virgin Australia Site: Sydney to London only shows via LA

    A question on Virgin Australia's booking engine on the site. We're planning a trip to Europe in late June, and I wanted to check what I could find on Virgin Australia. Every time I put Sydney to London in there I get 2 options; both SYD - LAX - LHR:?: Doesn't VA have code shares via Asia or...
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    Who to Credit to? VS or KF?

    Hi All For my 500th post, I thought I'd ask a question. I'm travelling to SIN from SYD next week in J (A380 both ways). Booked and paid for with the Westpac KF AMEX, so extra points there, but I have a dilemma. For the last 2 years, I've credited all my SQ flying to VS, attaining and...
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    Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Enhancements!

    Received this email today: So my annual flight to SIN on SQ is not going to cut it anymore, and staying on Silver might be a little more difficult.:mad: I wonder why they made this change?
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    Qf409 11/03/10

    Hoping someone can help me out with what happened to this flight this morning. Having OLCI'd and selected 24A on an A330-200, I was sitting in the J Lounge when I heard my name being called among a number of others on 409. This was a little strange, as I'd OLCI'd the previous day. On seeing...
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    Linking bookings and seat selection

    Mr & Mrs Tooner are travelling with the 3 little Tooners to JFK in March, all booked, paid for and seat selected (carefully - to ensure no poor unsuspecting passengers will be in any danger of having their seat back kicked:)). Mother-in-law will also join us on the flight on the way over to...
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    A QF WP Ventures into the SQ Wilds...

    After asking for some help with my recent trip SYD - LHR and back, a trip report was requested, and so... Back in October I was asked to go to London to take part in an offsite for a couple of days. For a number of reasons, this trip was a little last minute and resulted in a pretty committed...
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    SYD - LHR in SQ J

    It's time for Tooner to visit the office in London, and due to late changes etc I've only just been able to book for a flight this Sunday:shock:. QF is generally my preference, but was a full $2k more expensive than SQ. After a brief flirtation with CX (but they have no J this Sunday), I'm...
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    Crown Signature Club

    Just received an offer from Crown to join their (apparently) re-launched Signature Club loyalty program. Basically earn 1 credit for every $500 spent in a day. 5 Credits gets you to Silver etc. Spend is not just at Crown, it is also at most of the shops, restaurants and bars in the complex...
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    QF Email: Prepare for flight QF123...

    Received an email from QF today for our impending 5 day trip to NZ (sans kids:D) [Note - Ms Tooner by name:shock:], I've never received one of these before, but then I've never booked a flight direct with QF before so maybe thats it. I'm not impressed with the system if it can be...
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    It may be the GFC, but this is QF J

    After a number of months (nearly 12) since my last international trip, a conference/work trip to HK offers a chance to review QF J again. Last time, I didn't manage to sample the lie (not-really) flat beds in J. My itinerary was QF87 to HKG to sample a day flight, and QF128 on the returnto...
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    Travelling for a Bankrupt Company

    As I have been leaving and breathing (not sleeping) Lehman Brothers in the last week, I found this article in Gulliver both amusing and disturbing Business travel for a bankrupt company | Gulliver | Makes you think about what would happen if our employer went bankrupt while we...
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    Gulliver Blog

    The Economist has started a travel blog: Gulliver | Worth a look for general aviation articles: top story AA!
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    Tyler Brule on Airline Alliances

    An interesting look at alliances from Tyler Brule (Ex-FT, IHT, and Monocle Ed): Tyler Brûlé: An upside to airline alliances - International Herald Tribune I think a lot of us would agree with some of the sentiments expressed:rolleyes:
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    BA Plans for SE Asia

    Just got an email from BA Exec Club asking me to complete a survey. Apart from wanting to know why I signed up (presumably because I'm in Australia), they wanted to know how often I would want to fly from Asian destinations to Sydney. Last question was along the lines of : BA is a) my...