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  1. There'sOnlyOneJimmy

    Annual Travel Insurance Question – Cancellation Cover & the Period Covered

    Like many here, I’m in the habit of holding Annual Travel Insurance cover. I tend to take out a new policy for the following year at around the time that the existing policy period expires. Also like many here, I’m in the habit of booking award flights about a year in advance. I recently...
  2. There'sOnlyOneJimmy

    When should I drink it? (Too Late / Now / Soon / Later / Never)

    Hi All. I've been hoarding a few special bottles for a while, but being a bit of a wine novice (does that make me a VinoNovo?), I'm starting to wonder how long they should stay in the bottle (or even whether they've already stayed too long). Having read through many of the threads in this...
  3. There'sOnlyOneJimmy

    Epiqure: Is it worth the $99 Join Fee (p.a.)?

    Has anyone done a back of the envelope calculation of the worth (or folly) of a PAID membership to Epicure? What's the consensus opinion? All advice / comments welcome.
  4. There'sOnlyOneJimmy

    Anything known about Iberian Business Class lounge in Algiers?

    Hi All. I'm going to have about 6 hours to kill (in the afternoon/evening), transferring through Algiers waiting for a J seat on Iberian. Does anyone have any information on the lounge facilities that might be available, and how nice (or not) they might be? (nb: I have no status other than the J...
  5. There'sOnlyOneJimmy

    Qatar Airlines - Reviews of J experience

    Hi all. I've made what the wife is referring to as a 'rookie error', and booked a J flight MEL-DOH on QR. She's still looking down her nose at the zero alcohol policy - but before I disappear down the rabbit hole of trying to book any alternatives (as OW award seats...) I wondered what the...
  6. There'sOnlyOneJimmy

    OWCA Itinerary - Ramifications of MH going out of business?

    Does anyone know what the ramifications would be to an existing OWCA Itinerary which includes some Malaysian Airlines operated sectors in the event that their occasionally predicted (fairly or not) business collapse was to actually occur?