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  1. opusman

    2 x QF LOUNGE PASSES - expiry 16 Jun 2021

    I have no use for these, so first in best dressed. Please say if you want one or both.
  2. opusman

    Ansett memorabilia

    Anyone a collector? I spotted this at the Queen Vic Markets on the weekend (they have about 6 other types as well). Only 50 cents each!
  3. opusman

    The perils of social media

    Sigh... When will people learn about barcodes? :cool:
  4. opusman

    Seat allocation stolen

    Just having a whinge. Got myself a row 4 seat for ADL/MEL tomorrow at T-80. Went to check in today and seat allocation has mysteriously "vanished", and of course row 4 is now full. Bloody P1s!
  5. opusman

    Points bargain!!

    Yessss!!! 20% off toasters! That's what I'm talking about! :D
  6. opusman

    Any way to cancel amex online?

    I thought these days banks had to provide a way to cancel credit cards online but I can't find any sign of it on the Amex site, and the live chat monkey says I have to call. Has anyone managed to close a card online?
  7. opusman

    AA codeshares on domestic QF

    I have an AA credit to use up through expedia and I thought I might be able to use it for a MEL/ADL return, but when I put those cities and my dates into the AA website to find flights it just comes back with an error. How can I find out which domestic QF flights AA codeshare on? Or do they not...
  8. opusman

    Free 13,500 Life Miles

    I have 13500 Life Miles that are about to expire. Anyone want them? The only catch is, it'll cost you only USD$ 15.00 + taxes for every group of LM 1,000 for me to transfer them to you :) If that's worth it for someone let me know via PM and we can sort it out.
  9. opusman

    Check in through android app?

    Silly question but, is there actually a way to check in through the Android app? It always pops up and tells me check in is open but I've never found a way to actually do it other than by going to the website.
  10. opusman

    Phone/laptop inspected at border

    Just when you thought Australia couldn't get any more like LOTFAP at the border, seems like they have started "randomly" inspecting contents of laptops and phones. 5 years jail if you don't give them the password! Sydney airport seizure of phone and laptop 'alarming', say privacy groups
  11. opusman

    What to do with a companion voucher?

    I have a BA companion voucher for the first time (via BA Amex card). It expires in ~10 months time, but I have no plans to go to the UK in that time. Is there anything I can do with it at all or is it just going to have to expire?
  12. opusman

    SCs posting immediately?!

    Has anyone noticed points/SCs for QF flights seem to post extremely quickly now? I had two flights the other day, NRT-BNE and BNE-MEL and in both cases the flight had posted by the time I turned my phone back on. Seems a bit hard to believe I know!
  13. opusman

    SC earn on upgraded IB flight

    Have been offered upgrades on an IB flight (2 hr flight) for €42 each. Not sure it's worth it since I've already paid €14 each for exit row seats. But if it would earn J SCs with QF it would change things. Does anyone know what the earn would be?
  14. opusman

    Not impressed with BankWest

    So it's a fact of life if you use credit cards online sooner or later your card number will get stolen and used fraudulently. I've had it happen a few times including just recently with Bankwest. In all the other cases I can remember, once I disputed a charge as unauthorised it was removed from...
  15. opusman

    Luggage allowance

    Travelling BA domestically in the UK and also UK to Europe in Y (sadly). I am QF WP and mrsOpusman is SG. Does anyone know how strict BA are likely to be on luggage weight limit? I am at about 24kg and she is around 26kg, and the stated limit is 23kg with fairly large fees for going over...
  16. opusman

    Amex maximum number of products

    I tried to apply for the DJs Amex and got knocked back because I "already have two active products" (platinum charge card, and free reserve credit card). A 2 product limit seems very low. Has this always been the case?
  17. opusman

    Hire car options from Richmond (London)

    Looking at staying in Richmond for a few nights in May before picking up a hire car. Just wondering if anyone has done this and has a good suggestion for how to best manage this. Currently I'm thinking going back to LHR to collect it may make the most sense (would avoid having to drive out of...
  18. opusman

    787-10 photo

    First official photo of the 787-10 has been released.
  19. opusman

    Fee free platinum

    Called to cancel my Platinum Visa/Amex and got offered fee free for life. Not bad :)
  20. opusman

    Explosives test procedure change

    Has anyone else noticed that the (DOM) procedure for the explosives test seems to have changed recently? Instead of just picking the next person walking out, it looks like they actually choose a target before they've even gone through the xray. Presumably makes it harder to avoid by timing your...