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    Seat Availability for Domestic

    Is there a site which lists seat availability for domestic flights at all?
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    What is the best special meal to request on QF domestic?

    Stupidly (in hindsight) I ordered diabetic meals (I don't have diabetes but very high insulin), and for some strange reason, I'd always get cooked mushrooms. Didn't matter if it was breakfast, lunch or dinner, I'd open the packet to be confronted with cooked mushrooms. Usually no protein foods...
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    International Travel Insurance

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated!!
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    International Travel Insurance

    I have recently booked return flights to Japan using my frequent flyer points. Will my Citibank gold visa (which includes free travel insurance)cover me in case of any flight cancellations? The wording seems a little vague on this. If not, can anyone provide a personal recomendation for this...
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    Qantas Red e-deals

    Correct Nick! Sorry, I didn't read your post properly (too much x-mas spirit!). I have in the past week booked with both Qantas & Virgin. I have found most times that when it comes to the dates I choose to travel, that Qantas is actually cheaper than Virgin. Go figure.
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    Qantas Red e-deals

    Virgin have had these on sale for $39. If you sign up for the Virgin or Qantas newsletter, you will usually get advance notice of any sales and get to book flights before the general public. I have found this to be quite valuable, and have booked some cheap weekends away for next year!
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    ANZ card poll

    ANZ ------> Citibank I have recently changed from ANZ to Citibank with no problems (fingers crossed). It was all done quickly and smoothly (so far). The offer of double points for balance transfers still applies and is still advertised on the Citibank website - Earn Bonus Rewards points...
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    Different Classes

    Thankyou Thankyou for your help, it's very much appreciated!
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    Different Classes

    Sorry if I seem naive, but I am young and new to this. Could somebody please explain the different seat allocation classes on flights to me? I have booked flights with Qantas with seat allocations of (N) and (V) and was wondering what they meant. What other classes are there, and what does...
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    Advice Needed

    I currently have the ANZ Qantas Visa and am looking at taking up Citibanks offer and transferring the balance over and closing ANZ card. Are there any pitfalls I need to be aware of? Will my current FF points earned through ANZ be lost if I transfer then close the account? Will the transfer...