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    NZ Bubble Cancellations

    I've got a return SYD CHC in a few weeks, I am assuming the bubble with NZ will not be open by that time. What happens? Does qantas cancel you or do they play 'chicken' with you and its your problem as you can't fly, vs them being able to still operate flights (as in they can fly NZ > SYD so may...
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    Cancellation of flight that used multiple TravelPasses?

    So I was due to go to NZ in a few weeks. I used the end of one TravelPass and the start of another TravelPass to pay for the flight. I'm assuming if I change the flight under Qantas Fly Flexible I assume I just change the flight, pay any difference and thats the end of it. What happens if I...
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    BA Voucher Help

    So my partner has a stock of BA avios, booked an award J flight ADL to SYD on Qantas thru BA exec club. 16500 points taken, plus 42 aud i think. Now had to cancel that, offered a voucher? not a refund of the points? is that normal? The voucher also doesnt work online to utilise when booking a...
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    Strategy to maintain gold, or even platinum

    So after 10 years of FIFO (making platinum within 4 or 5 months) and living and working overseas in the middle East (paying for platinum but using strategys such as travel with Sri Lankan biz fares for trips) and this year of a lot of flying with ba in y+ and in USA with as j fares, I'm...
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    Downgrade from Business (I) to Econ (Y) months prior to flight

    Hi, I had an original booking in business, return, JAX > MIA > PUJ. out bound all in I, inbound PUJ > MIA I, MIA > JAX Y. Now I check after getting a 'trip changed' email the outbound JAX > MIA is Y only. No mention of a refund or anything from aa. What should I expect when I call up/ what...
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    Qatar airways DOH one world first class lounge review

    Imgur I'm there now. Actually, this is my last lounge in this entire airport to see. It's pretty small, food is only slightly better than the biz ow lounge. Nothing to write home about that for sure. Adequate doesn't even come close as some user put it before. I'd use the...
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    Partner SCs & OW codeshare, which airline resp for crediting?

    Hi, oddly enough I've never done any flying where codeshares where involved. Crediting to QFF Booked with RJ, 4 flights, 1 with a codeshare on QR. (but all on tix with RJ flight numbers). RJ has credited (quickly I might add) the 3 other flights, but not the codeshare QR flight. I assume its...
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    Al Safwa Lounge Review

    Imgur Due to some odd plane change quirk my partner and I flew QR first today. Al Safwa Lounge here we go. Pics are above. General impressions, it's cavernous! Architecturally wow. Good: food was excellent, booze list excellent, although not the champagne as per ausbt recent article (and I...
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    Confusing points earn...Woolworths Money Qantas Platinum Credit Card

    Hi, I have a Woolworths Money Qantas Platinum Credit Card. I've been away for a few years and not monitored the changes to this cards earn well. Its changed a few times I believe to some woolworths system which required you to send points to qff in batch, then back to qff points, but at a lower...
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    West coast USA award A or J to SYD

    So I need to fly west coast usa to syd at the end of next year. Ive never flown first before, so considering that on the A380 out of DFW. If I knew the cabin refresh was done by then, id probably go for it. 168k points and 293usd. Award open on my needed dates. SFO or LAX is available in J...
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    Concurrent passports and renewal

    Hi, I just received my first aus concurrent passport, valid for 3 yrs. Was forced to as I have 11 pages left but need 12 or 13 at min for africa and usa among others nxt yr. Embassy in Doha wouldn't renew my current, so was best option. Sidenote, if requesting concurrent passport os, the local...
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    Status run: Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Trip Report I live in DOH currently. Leaving and traveling next year all over USA and Africa. Having QFF platinum is a necessity to avoid bag fees as I travel with lots of technical diving kit, I need 3 x 32kgs. Paying for bags isn't really an option when you are planning to take...
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    Browsing QF flights to SYD for next year, 50% bonus SC offer next day

    As I said, looking at USA to SYD options one way and return, probably did 10 to 15 searches in an hour on QF, CX and AA over two hours on same device from varying airports, SFO, LAX, DFW, JFK, always to SYD. Next am, get a bonus 50% QF SC offer, if I book a flight to SYD in next 7 days. Email...
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    RJ oneworld luggage allowance

    So as a OW emerald whats the allowance flying on RJ? Is it this in platinium plus? Luggage Policy - Royal Jordanian
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    Qantas - online additional baggage

    Additional baggage, excess baggage, allowances | Qantas AU So the above eludes to some level of discount for online additional baggage - does anyone know the rates BKK > SYD and HKG > SYD? I don't have a booking, but its a factor in my decision on airline and route. Need to take an additional...
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    Qantas Advisory Panel - $100 worth of Qantas points?

    I just got an email asking me to do an in person interview, offering me '$100 worth of Qantas points'. I can't do it as i'm overseas currently. I'd do it to find out what they consider worth $100. Probably 20k? Anyone else get this offer?
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    AA in Premium Econ MIA > LHR

    Recently, I traveled on this new service, AA56 (upgraded 777), a few points. I was in 16A, which was nice as it's got unlimited leg room. Seat was pretty decent, not hugely roomy width wise though. Recline wasn't great to be honest. The weird bit was placement of the headphones, at the back of...
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    DOH > SYD maximising luggage

    So next year, in March I need to leave DOH and arrive in SYD, with the most checked luggage possible, at the cheapest price. I will be Qantas Plat by then. So far, DOH > SYD with QR in Y (ha! its T or N, no qff SC earn, jerks) is something ridiculous like 2k usd in cheapest economy, giving me...
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    QR status credit earn

    Qantas gold here. I'm flying from DOH to CPH to KEF purchased entirely through QR later this year, return. All 4 flights will earn nothing except the CPH to KEF (SAS metal) and is in K class, so should earn something according to the Qantas points earning categories. How do I figure out how...
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    Visa debit cards

    I travel a lot. I keep a variety of cards in my stable of cc, debit, visa, amex, mastercard etc to allow flexibility This is especially important as i'm planning on spending time in africa next year which I read is almost visa only. I have not lived in australia for some time, yet all my funds...