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    Ignited Airlines It could be alcohol, or it could be people are more inconsiderate nowadays
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    Jetstar stranding passengers with misinformation

    As soon as flights were on the chopping block in Vietnam (16/3/20), my friend rang Jetstar to get out on the first available flight. He was due to fly out on the very last flight on the 31st but that has now been cancelled, even though his status was 'Confirmed'. On 20/3/20, Eagle eyed he...
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    Dumb Airlines not thinking

    There will be huge demand for flights when the ban gets lifted. A few budget airlines are offering free flight changes(but with difference clauses). Scoot had a lame offer, and FF points - don't get me started. Jetstar could beat the rush by offering free memberships -but no. Were it me I...
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    High peak season airfare ripoffs

    As usual the lead-up to Christmas has seen airfares, particularly to Asia go up 300-500%. I would never go Jetstar and pay $1300 for a hop plus extras but there it is. Sometimes it is cheaper to fly to USA or Europe. Unfortunately I broke a tooth in the silly season, and getting over there is...
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    Scam ATO Tax Office Calls

    Recently I have got THREE fake ATO scam phone calls, with a suspiciously deep male British accent and a tone that you may have something to hide. Well, you can hang up and call the ATO back. Or ignore it - or bait the scammers. Or you can tease the scammers with an inventive line about please...
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    Vietnam Arrivals Baggage Disasters

    Arrived Vietnam on a JQ flight that was on time even though a CPR event occurred. Baggage did not arrive 1hour 25 minutes later. I went to check the left baggage pile and there it was! Don't know how long it was there. It seems to me the carousel is too small, so someone decided not to place...
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    CPR and Doctors on Jetstar Airways JQ 61 26th July

    Apparently a medical emergency and CPR on the above Jetstar flight has not made the news. A few hours before HCMC a call for doctors on board was made. I do not know the outcome. But I did observe full on CPR for ages and ages and all possible assistance rendered. To the doctors and others I say...
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    Some GPS receivers may malfunction on or after April 6

    If you rely on GPS then make a note of 6 April 2019 in your calendar because it's the date that the GPS Week Rollover occurs, and it could cause some GPS receivers to malfunction. Beat the crowd, and apply fixes now. There is some talk that French radar/speed camera warnings may be disabled as...
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    Housing Price Drops

    Housing price drops started a fire in another thread. Go Here. If people feel poorer, they will probably fly less. If they are house hunting and your credit card statements over six months is deeply examined, and ONLY disposable income after fixed costs figuring in a 7% rate and a brain dead...
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    Cebu Pacific - Unable to complain

    Cebu Pacific has a very poor consumer affairs raiting and plenty of upmost serious warnings. Does anyone know CebuPacifics internal complaint email address? <<< Their booking centre is unable to accept 'complaints' I can see a $160 fare being flushed down the toilet. Some might be tempted to...
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    Philippine Airline Sale to 4th

    AUS. Multileg Philippine Airline Sale (Via Phillipines). Direct flights to MNL $700 plus change to the 4th. Stop at HK, SGN or China and the fare drops to $500 plus change.
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    Philippine Airport Manila

    MNL Philippine Airport T2 Arrivals is dreadful and old. Getting to/From is expensive and worse, tiring. Peak road traffic/EDSA hour is 6AM to 9PM when the traffic crawls. Best travel advice is do not arrive on the weekend and not in the peak hours.EDSA stands for Every Day Slow Always...
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    MNL airport - 2nd gate screening no liquids allowed question

    MNL->SYD Manilia Airport 2nd screening all water liquids confiscated. Went trough Manilia airport recently. Got through 1st major screening and xray rather easilly.Topped up my empty water bottle at an airport water machine after screening. Then at gate 109 (Cebu Pacific) where you are in the...
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    Cambridge Hotel Sydney Surry Hills

    Had a vey nice stay at the hotel below, gettable under $100 per night. 10% cheaper to book directly at the hotels website over booking engines. Lots of French stay here. Price varies wildly as a computer is controlling yield Pay more on sat. TV Fridge, internet, and clean really white sheets...
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    Imported Goods under $1000 GST going ahead this July

    Order goods on Aliexpress, Ebay from overseas? Time to order some low value shopping in advance before things get complicated/constipated. From July it is about to get more expensive. Apart from the 10% GST being added to imports under $1, there is also a rumor of $5 per parcel tax to pay for...
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    Asia LCC Flights

    Asia Charter Flights (Jetstar Scoot, CebuPacific and AirAsia) Just booked SYD-MNL return for $199 on a badly promoted Cebu Pacific promo for July - Sorry it has ended for now. Jetstar has Honolulu for not a bad price, and $220 deals to many places, now the Japan deal is over. Scoot is being...
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    Vietnam E-Visa for Australians started in December 2017

    Visas : Vietnam portal on Immigration - National portal on Immigration You can now dodge the visa sponsorship pre-approval letter sites for < 30 day stays .Hopefully 90min-2 hour visa delays at the airport will come down. To enter Vietnam, you must have a valid and appropriate visa, a visa...
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    Dental Tourism and HCMC recommendations

    Dental Tourism and HCMC recommendations 1) For crowns- anyone got a personal recommendation for a Vietnam dentist ? 1a) Yes, Itardbook, dental departures and other comparison sites are up there, but don't list the Dentists who work, their qualifications. Post specialties are a good indicator -...
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    Malaysia Airlines Spring (Pretend) sale Book: Now until 15 Sep 2017 Travel: Now until 31 Mar 2018 Nothing to see here : Yawn. If I could have got SYD-BKK return for under $800 they would have a deal. That was not so - so maybe I missed the magic word FROM. It seems that this a pretend sale I...
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    AirAsia no longer cheap - Baggage fees $150 return but $35 each way on Jetstar

    AirAsia is no longer cheap. Unless you are a cheap charlie without baggage - ok on measly carry on and take the flights with a longer stop-over. I wanted to say the annoyance factor has kicked in and I am reverting to Legacy carriers instead unless they fix their problems. In saying this...