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    Qantas increases points required for Emirates rewards

    I could not see a separate thread (mods feel free to start if you think it worthy), but in related EK redemption news, I was looking at the Classic Flight Rewards tables just now and it seems that EK will move from the Qantas flight rewards table to the Partner flight rewards table from 1...
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    Ticketing time limit not being honoured by QF

    About 3 weeks ago, I booked a multi-city ticket from CHC to PVR (Mexico). Because it was quite complicated, with stopovers and transfers etc, I had to do it over the phone with Qantas (my preferred TA was away). I paid the $60pp booking fee. The consultants I have dealt with up until this...
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    Qantas to expand Asia services and rejig US services from April 2016

    Just came across this on the QF Agents site... Qantas will add more seats on routes to Asia from March 2016, responding to strong demand in the region. The extra capacity will come from upgrading three of Qantas’ seven weekly Melbourne-Hong Kong services from an Airbus A330 to a Boeing 747...
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    Fuel Fines (YQ) on Domestic QF Awards

    Can anyone shed light onto why QF impose YQ on domestic redemptions, despite not imposing it on domestic commercial tickets? I just booked a business reward and this is the breakdown on the e-ticket (from Amadeus EITR): FORM OF PAYMENT FARE AUD0 TAX...
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    Qantas Points and Status Credits - Let's make it simpler again!

    Hi All It stuck me as I tried to digest the Qantas "simpler and fairer" changes, that my biggest issue was trying to wade through a mess of .png files masquerading as "tables". Putting aside the complexity of having to look at regions etc, to determine points and status credits, the system...
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    Return of the Southern Cross Route to Europe??

    Just noticed on that QF agents site that they are advertising a fare ex-AU to Europe via USA. A check of E/F shows available fares too. This is something I have not seen for a while - it's even bookable on the QF website - although you need to do multi-city. As an example of a BNE to LHR fare...
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    The end of .br (and other) YQ deals on QF

    Just saw on the QF Agents site that from 7 May, YQ will be based on point of origin, not point of ticketing. This will close the (very few), .br and other country YQ loopholes. See here: Latest Fare News
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    Co-payment increase - EK flights between points in EU and DXB using QF Points

    Did I miss an announcement? I was researching points trips between points in the EU and DXB last week and I could snag EK flights between MXP and DXB for 50,000 points and 50 Euro taxes. Today, it's over 250 Euro in taxes. Likewise, CDG to DXB was about 140 Euro in taxes and today it's almost...
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    More QF promos start to exclude ASA in U and P class

    I know this was discussed in respect of a DSC offer, but I have come across two new promotions that are also excluding fares booked in U an P (when booked as an ASA) from eligibility. See the T&Cs for these promos: Eight days to enjoy more than just fine wine | Qantas "Fare must be booked in I...
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    Any Seat Award Upgrades - Now "Enhanced"

    Ummm...did we just get another "enhancement". New Awards comparison page here Frequent Flyer - Using Points - Qantas & Partner Classic Awards - Classic Award Bookings lists the following in the T&Cs at the bottom: ∞ Flight Upgrade Awards are not available on Classic Awards or on international...
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    Jetstar service changes - OOL HBA BNE

    I can't see a post on this already...sorry if I'm doubling up. Looks as if OOL-HBA service has been "suspended". Instead, BNE-HBA will commence from 27 October. Will be good to have another direct BNE-HBA option. JQ have a "launch sale". Cheap Flight Specials and Airfare Deals in Australia...
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    Emirates 2 Class 777-300ER - Another configuration?

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I can't seem to load any pages when I search... I am booked (on QF stock) to go to Frankfurt in September with Qantas and Emirates in J. On the DXB-FRA leg, it was previously showing a 3 class bird (777). When I looked again today, it's showing a 2 class...
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    AY Business Fares to BKK/DEL/HKG/SIN ex PRG

    Not sure if these are any use to anyone but spotted a few reasonable business class fares on AY to some Asian/India destinations. As an example, there's a return PRG via HEL to DEL for $1121 AUD plus taxes. Fare basis is ISA2CZ2. Books into "I" class. Priced it up on expedia to see the full...
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    Amadeus Itinerary Receipt (ITR) Website

    Does anyone else use the Amadeus Itinerary Receipt (ITR) link to check e-tickets? I use it quite a lot, and the last few days, everytime I put a PNR in, it tells me "INVALID RLOC/LAST NAME". This occurs even with bookings I have looked up on here before. Any ideas??
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    Success! Requesting additional award seats via QF Platinum Service Desk

    Had a great experience yesterday with booking an ASA via the QF Premium Desk. I needed 2 x PE seats from BNE to JFK. I could see on EF that there was "Z" x 2 on BNE-LAX but only "Z" x 1 on LAX-JFK on the date I wanted. Rang the Premium Desk and consultant set up the booking - which they...
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    oneworld Explorer and Global Explorer On Sale

    This from the QF Agents site... For sale effective 15 May to 31 May 2012 a discount of 15% will apply to the oneworld Explorer Economy Class base fare ex Australia and New Zealand (LONE4/ LONE5/LONE6) and the Global Explorer Economy Class base fare ex Australia to New Zealand (LGOB26/ LGLOB29/...
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    Qantas wins ACCC interim approval for American Airlines tie-up

    Just saw this online - could be good news for fares to some US destinations if the QF submission is followed through with... Qantas wins approval for American Airlines tie-up | News | Business Spectator
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    Another QF Frequent Flyer Change - Classic Award Priority Availability

    Just noticed another change in the benefits - appears that priority allocation of classic award seats will now be extended to anyone above Bronze. 20.6 Classic Award seat allocation 20.6.1 Qantas may at its discretion provide Members who have a Membership level above Bronze with additional...
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    Eurostar on ExpertFlyer

    I searched but this doesn't seem to be mentioned so far... It's not strictly "flying" related, but were members aware that they can search fares and availability for Eurostar on ExperFlyer? I just discovered this today. The carrier code for Eurostar is "9F" and if you are searching for the...
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    The OPUP Lottery...QF073 this Saturday...

    So I'm (with plus 1) off to the US this Saturday on QF73. I have been checking E/F over the last few weeks to get an idea of the loading. We were pretty lucky last year with our US trips in that we received 2 UPGs to Y+ (skybeds) from O class using points (BNE-LAX return) and 3 OPUPs (NY-JFK...