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  1. Bob

    Chance of QF upgrades or spare seats to lie on BNE LHR BNE in Sept

    Greetings all, it has been quite a while since I posted or met up with any of you good people. My business reasons for flights disappeared a few years ago. However, my wife and I will soon be grandparents in Sept, so we are off to the UK to meet grandchild #1. I still have about 530000 QF...
  2. Bob

    Flight ex Brisbane to Lima and then ex Rio back to Brisbane

    My daughter is planning a trip in South America starting at the beginning of Dec in Lima and finishing about 25 Dec in Rio. Any ideas on the best fares from Brisbane to connect with this tour? Thanks in advance
  3. Bob

    RTW out of Africa

    Hi All I am currently working on and off in Ghana. I normally purchase my tickets in Australia and fly between Australia and Ghana via Dubai with Emirates. However, I am considering alternatives that would involve a RTW ticket so that I can visit North America and South Africa later in the...
  4. Bob

    Does EF show rewards availability for TG, CX or SQ?

    Hi, Have just started a trial subscription to EF and as far as I can see it won't let me search for award seats on TG, CX or SQ. Have I missed something? I am trying to get 2 award business seats from BNE to LHR return at end of year and I have sufficient AMEX points to transfer to any of these...
  5. Bob

    Air Canada Aeroplan - rewards flight online booking problems

    Has anyone else run into a problemm with the Aeroplan rewards bookings online? I used to be able to book flights from Australia online, but now when I enter the departure city as Brisbane, Sydney, etc it comes up with the error message "The itinerary you have selected cannot be booked online...
  6. Bob

    Malaysia airlines - rewards flight Brisbane to London

    Hi All, I'm looking for advice on booking a rewards flight for my daughter from Brisbane to London around the end of Sept or start of Oct. Her fiance has an open ticket with Malaysia Airlines, so there is pressure to fly with him... I could transfer some Amex points to Malaysia's Enrich...
  7. Bob

    Lifetime Gold

    waiting, waiting, waiting for the last Jetstar flight status credits to come through on the web and bump my 13,993 through the magic 14,000...
  8. Bob

    AOW Class Availability website

    Does anyone know what has happened to this website? The page has disappeared and I can't see any alternatives that show me the fare classes available. Thanks
  9. Bob

    First Qantas flight and Qantas Club membership

    25th July 1967 SYD NAN HNL SFO Do you think my membership of the Qantas Junior V-Jet Club is still valid? :)
  10. Bob

    Transfers LAX and JFK

    My daughter (age 20) is going solo to New York in a couple of week's time. QF015 BNE LAX arriving 0700 at terminal 4 then QF107 to JFK departing 0850 from Terminal B. She gets into JFK at 1650. On the way back, she leaves JFK at 1830 on QF108 arriving LAX at 2145 Terminal B and leaving on QF16...
  11. Bob

    Rest options at Singapore airport

    Hi All, Mrs Bob is flying with SQ from BNE to SIN next week, arriving 8.50pm, then leaving a few hours later at 1:05 AM via SQ to Beijing. She has no status with *Alliance to get into a lounge there and was wondering about other options where she can relax and be comfortable. I had heard...
  12. Bob

    AA miles earn on Qantas flight

    Hi All, Mrs Bob needs to earn some AA miles to get to 20,000 miles - then she can get an award flight. Today I am booking a cheap flight for her from Melbourne to Brisbane with Qantas. Can anyone tell me which Qantas fares will earn miles with AA. Thanks in advance.
  13. Bob

    Hotel at Changi airport

    Hi All, I will be arriving at Changi at 8 PM on the 22nd and leaving the next day at 1 PM. Any suggestions for a hotel at or close to the airport. I have no real interest in sightseeing, I would prefer to just put my head down and work on my computer. That way I can relax when I get home.
  14. Bob

    Hotel at Santiago airport

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a hotel in the Santiago airport, or if not, any recommendation for one close by. I will be arriving at 11 PM and leaving early morning the next day. Thanks
  15. Bob

    International size carry on bags on QF 747 upper deck

    A basic question. I know that the wheeled carry on bags won't fit in the overhead bins on the upper deck of a 747, so where do they get stored on the Qantas 747s when you turn up with one?
  16. Bob

    Iberia J seating

    I have flown twice with Iberia. In both cases, business class seating was 3 x 3. In other words, as cosy as economy except for slightly more legroom. Does anyone know if all their cabin configurations are like this? I am thinking of flying MAD to CCS - their seat map shows 2 x 2 x 2, but I...
  17. Bob

    Lifetime Silver

    Another milestone in the life of the too frequent flyer: "Current lifetime Status credits: 7,073 You have attained lifetime Silver recognition." It goes with the 6" deep pile of boarding passes on the shelf.
  18. Bob

    When a D is not a D

    Hi, I am doing a DONE. On a number of AA flights in USA, the KVS tool plus others show several D seats available, but Flight Centre say they don't show up and therefore can't book them. Can anyone enlighten me on this? Bob
  19. Bob

    Any first class seats left on the 2 class 747s?

    Hi, I am going to fly BNE to LAX on 25 or 26 Feb. Does anyone know if Qantas have any aircraft flying that route that are two class but still have the first class seats fitted. Thanks
  20. Bob

    QF 175 or QF25 configuration

    Does anyone know the configuration for QF175 and QF25 from Brisbane to Los Angeles on Sun 4th Sept? I had heard that some of the flights had the first class section, even though currently sold as business class.