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    Woolworths Qantas Platinum Credit Card

    Hi I'm looking at getting a Visa card that earns QFF points. Does anyone know if the Woolworths Qantas Platinum is worthwhile? The first year's fee is $99 and $169 thereafter. It gives 1QFF per $ spent up to 2,500QFF a month. Any thought appreciated.
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    Reward points breakdown

    Hi Is there a way to check how many points were earned for each transaction? I can't seem to find where I can get a detailed breakdown of my points. Thanks
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    Citibank Qantas Rewards

    Hi, I'm a Platinum card holder and have about 18k reward points at the moment. I'm hoping to transfer all of them to my QFF account, but I'm not registered for the Citibank Qantas Rewards. Can I call them up, get myself registered and then transfer the points over? The website seems to say that...
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    Platinum reward points

    Hi, Does anyone know what the reward ratio is for Reward Platinum for the past few years? I've just gone through my parents' credit card statements and it seems to have been $1:1 at best. I thought it has been $1:1.25 or something in that range. I called up CS, but they said $1:1.25 is only for...
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    Take Flight Cashback

    Hi, I've recently booked some domestic airfares, worth $1600, in Europe for me and my family using our Gold card. I just found out about Take Flight and I think I'm eligible for cashback. The redemption form asks for "Points to redeem" and "Take Flight Cashback [in dollars]", does anyone know...
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    Foreign currency conversion

    Hi, Does anyone know how much Citibank or Visa charges for transactions in foreign currencies? Recently, I bought a phone in HK for HKD$1930 and the amount Citibank billed me for is AUD311.23. Based on these amounts, the exchange rate would be 1AUD:6.2HKD. The official rate from Yahoo on the...
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    Virgin Atlantic One-way

    Hi, I'm wondering how come the one-way fares from Sydney to London on Virgin Atlantic Upper-class are even more expensive than return fares: - 1/9 (out): $8641.97 - 1/9(out) - 23/9 (in): $8007.73 The same applies to Sydney-Hong Kong as well. This is quite outrageous. :evil:
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    Virgin: Redeeming points for flights

    Hi, Does Virgin allow award flights to be assigned to family members, like what Qantas does/did? Thanks, Michael
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    Redeeming points for flights

    Hi, Can I redeem points for flights for my family members? I remember I could a year or two ago. Thanks, Michael
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    Upgrading to Platinum

    Hi all, We are currently holding 2 gold cards (1 primary + 1 supplementary). How likely would it be for Citibank to upgrade ours to Platinum and waive our annual fees for life if we tell them we're cancelling our account? We've been with them for nearly 10yrs already and have a perfect credit...
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    Applying for an AMEX

    Hi, I'm planning to apply for an AMEX gold cc, and so I was wondering if they are currently doing any promotion at all. If so, where and how can I apply through the promo? Thanks!