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    FAA inclusion of spacecraft

    The US FAA is going to track launching and returning spacecraft via air traffic control which is an interesting next step. Also interesting is the FAA need for a new "Space Safety Office". FAA Opens Houston Space Safety Office to Increase Oversight of Texas and New Mexico Operations...
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    Up for grabs, 757

    Slattery Auctions have a 757 for sale, I think I'll hold out as heard Mr Trumps hasn't been used for quite a while and it too may be on the block.
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    And in the news, what happened to Paul Scurrah...

    Paul is now driving trains for Pacific National, well from North Sydney anyway.
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    Chuck Yeager dies

    More than the right stuff, they don’t make them like they used to. I have to add my 1 degree of separation having a doctor friend, now deceased Colonel in the USAF who attended to Chuck after some of his testing. He said Chuck might be staggering around temp blinded with blood shot eyes or even...
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    UFO at LAX

    Just when things couldn’t get much stranger in America. Might be behind a paywall. FBI investigates after alarmed pilot tells LAX tower: ‘We just passed a guy in a jet pack’ A jet comes in...
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    Victorville goings on

    Today, that’s a wrap.
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    Virgin Atlantic in trouble [Files for Bankruptcy 'Protection' in the USA]

    Virgin Atlantic goes into bankruptcy. (the photo in the article is a bit harsh I think)
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    QF Link new service yesterday

    I'd forgotten about it, but the first QF flight to Orange in NSW operated yesterday. Good they are giving it go at this time, also helps no doubt the the competition is struggling.
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    Today’s flight

    Flying Sydney to Dubbo. Handed this on boarding. I visited the lounge which has some photos in another thread on the lounges reopening. As you can see, only half an indicator board of flights for the whole day.
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    4 Corners tonight re Virgin.

    Some airline news on Virgin on ABC's 4Corners tonight.
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    Disorganised profiteering

    What happens when you don’t know who to call.
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    near shooting miss

    I missed this news item earlier on a plane nearly shot down.
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    Where the jet age met the railroad

    A short but interesting read on one way of making a train go fast as long as you don't need to consider the economics.
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    New domestic routes

    QF to announce Orange and Griffith as new destinations. Seems to be a result of spare aircraft from NZ.
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    SYD BBBB Dec 21 Christmas drinks

    Looking at a BAM Beer, BS and Boys trip for Christmas drinks. Be a few railway guys on this one similar to the one a couple of years back. Dec 21, dep Sydney around 2pm return to Sydney 23:50 (midnight) with dinner at the Robertson pub. Same deal as before with a bit of BYO, I’ll put some some...
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    The job of jobs for some

    Spotted this QF job come up.
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    The Great Race to Ogden

    The trip report dates to travel in May 2019, but starts back in 2014. I'm going to be slow and steady writing it so I can match up the photos with the story, bare with me, And a warning, there will be lots of trains. In 2014 the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) in Omaha Nebraska decided it would...
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    Sept 28, should I get the BAM out?

    Last minute AFF social opportunity, Saturday Sept 28 Sydney to Kandos and Rylstone return. Departure 7.25am Saturday and returns about 8.50pm. The link has times for other station stops en route. $100 donation to the cause. BAM and CDAY private cars will be attached to this train Rylstone...
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    Abandoned plane

    Abandoned plane in Spain, again No one knows who owns the ghost plane abandoned at Madrid airport — CNN
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    QF to Jetstar connections

    An annoyance. Last minute flight booked today for today involves QF Sydney to Adelaide where I am presently typing this and Jetstar Adelaide to Darwin. (Where there been a derailment in Katherine, my final destination as one of the people investigating.) Not being a Jetstar user I was first...