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  1. PJMiller

    Aus Digital Vax certificate has no AstaZenica batch numbers visible: currently a Qatar entry requirement for stopover.

    As we get ready for outbound travel, Australian travellers need to consider beforehand, how to provide their immunization status to meet varying country requirements. The format and content of the current Australian Government COVID-19 Digital Certificate appears problematic and likely...
  2. PJMiller

    Velocity KrisFlyer linked chaos

    Hello fellow AFF colleagues, i would really appreciate your advice Which bot programme should i gouge first? Don't ya love these programs and programmers? Four days frustration here and I wont do farcebook or coughter'\ Advice on a course of action welcomed- I would like to transfer a...
  3. PJMiller

    Anyone else waiting on the QATAR "Explore the World from a New Perspective"Promo to post?

    Wondering if anyone else has heard from QRPC on the outcome of their promo by yesterday ( so, today)? I haven't yet, and yes, it was a targeted promo, back in Nov 2017 Explore the world from a new perspective Earn up to 20,000 bonus Qmiles Now it is the best time to make your travel plans and...
  4. PJMiller

    very good QR J sale fares out of Phnom Penh to Europe and USA - fly by end of June 20

    Some good QR J fares out of Phnom Penh now until end of June 2017 Discover the world When I have wiggled a "multi city" (instead of a straight R/t) with the first outbound destination in the advertised sale list, (open jaw), I have been able to get a reasonable fare for other city on the...
  5. PJMiller

    Qatar Aiways to fly Canberra early 2018

    Our friends over at Australian Business Traveler reported yesterday on the possible timing. Noting though, that the reality may likely depend on current flight limitations between Qatar and Australia being lifted. And no word if it would be a "direct" or "add-on" sector. Australia opened an...
  6. PJMiller

    MH PNHxKUL-MEL R/T in J $USD1,700 promo Z bucket on sale until 15 June 16

    Just picked up on these R/Ts for mid July -Throne seats (1K, 4K) outbound/inbound respectively on the MH A333s cheers PJ
  7. PJMiller

    MH PNHxKUL-MEL R/T in J $USD1,700USD promo z bucket on sale until 15 June 16

    Just picked up on these R/Ts for mid July -Throne seats (1K, 4K) outbound/inbound respectively on the MH A333s cheers PJ
  8. PJMiller

    Some QR 40% off sale fares still available ex PNH travel 27 Dec 2015 - 30 Jun 2016

    Only one day left if not already aware. Some good J prices out of PNH (usually with refurbished "J" cabin A332). Prices in USD. Cambodia operates in USD. Cheers, PJ Click, book, and fly – Save up to 40%
  9. PJMiller

    Etihad Guest Program "Enhancements" - sorry - "some changes"

    Received this a few minutes ago - sorry can't post it as a link. Wary of :"enhancements" in the wording o,f " some changes",... Here is the txt.. Etihad Guest Membership Number: xx_xx_xx_xx_ Received this today Dear PJ, Etihad Guest was created in 2006 to...
  10. PJMiller

    QR has "worldwide "sale on 13-19 April - toutingup to 30% off travel till 10 December

    Received this yesterday. Up to 30% off - Fabulous fares with our Global Sale - For this week only. Has a few conditions and a bit selective. But some good discount J fares from PNH ( If you can position) I'm in PNH presently. and tempted.... PNHxDOH/DXBxDOH/PNH $1,095 USD in discount...
  11. PJMiller

    Qatar Gobal Sale on for week 3-10 Nov 2014. Travel Jun 2015 tight conditons though

    QR one week global sales promotion with travel up until 30 Jun 2015- Some tight conditions Global Sales Week: 3-10 November - Pack Now and Getaway Not unusual when this happens, for some other ME carrier(s) to also offer promo fares around the same time. Cheers, PJ
  12. PJMiller

    Priority Borading - Air India - recent *A member

    Priority lane boarding...? Times of Oman | News :: Rats force Air India to ground plane cheers, Pj
  13. PJMiller

    Qatar flight escorted by UK fighter jet to Manchester

    Qatar flight escorted by UK fighter to Manchester- possible device on board, Qatar Airways Flight QR023 Escorted to Manchester Airport by Fighter Jet 'With Possible Device On Board'
  14. PJMiller

    EY Guest FF Account problem

    Have I been raided?. Back yesterday inbound, from flight on WY MCT BKK in J. Requested FF miles credited to EY Guest. Miles were credited outbound. Today, no EY Guest FF miles showing (0) in my EY Guest account - which should be around 10,000. ....and 7,500 when i checked 2 days ago Anyone...
  15. PJMiller

    Oman Air- good J fares from BKK and KUL - book in Feb. Travel Feb- May 2014

    Have booked Oman Air J multi-sector R/T: BKK-MCT-DOH-MCT-BKK for THB 49,000. About $AUD 1,700. All are daytime flights February Deals | Oman Air Can credit miles to EY at 150% for J (including D, bucket) . Not Tier miles. Used multi-sector function on the WY website. Cheers, PJ
  16. PJMiller

    VA Status Bonus earn rate on the VA/Etihad "Pearl" flight KUL-AUH Sunday evenings

    Any experience with the Velocity Points Status bonus earn rate on the VA operated and crewed, EY marketed, EY411 KUL-AUH on Sundays? (VA/Etihad "Pearl") Specifically, could I expect to earn 100% base points status bonus (VA operated) on the "Pearl" as a VA Plat, or, 50% base points status bonus...
  17. PJMiller

    Aegean (A3) Miles and Bonus website down

    Can't access my A3 Miles and Bonus account- although I could yesterday and all through the week. Hope its temporary?. Waiting on flights to post for *G:)
  18. PJMiller

    Does VA have foot stools in PE on 777? I'd like them in J HKT-PER, if so? Hi All, Didn't want to cross thread sefrty's enquiry about best seat on 777. But do support Boof1's great question. I'd appreciate any experience or information regarding whether...
  19. PJMiller

    Transit Experience inDPS, Bali- changing airlines - separate PNRs - from SQ to VA

    Hoping that some experienced AFFs can guide me. I'm combining an up-coming trip back to Australia and VA status run. Flying O/w SQ in J, BKK-SIN-DPS. Then, connecting in DPS (2.5 hours lay over) to a VA flight(s), DPS-PER-MEL-CBR (an A49, J reward, on the VA Status Run thread). Separate PNRs and...
  20. PJMiller

    No. of Eligible Sectors & SCs on VA codeshare SQ+MI connecting flights

    Would a VA codeshare flight booked MEL-KUL on VA website, earn 2 eligible VA/DJ Velocity sectors, or only 1 eligible VA sector?. The VA website booking engine shows two VA codeshared flights connecting in SIN, (1. SQ metal MEL-SIN; connecting with 2. MI metal, SIN-KUL - both with different VA...