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  1. andye

    Recent CX redemption experience

    Have been trying to get as good flights as possible for my wife's and my trip to god-daughter's wedding in England in December Had found Y+ through flights SYD-MEL-HKG-CDG on the QF site and bought these Today I found availability for Y+ MEL-HKG and J HKG-MXP. Not wanting to lose them I booked...
  2. andye

    Cheap BKK Business (Light) fares to Europe

    From headforpoints Seems to be pretty cheap in the other direction too Assumptions being you can get to BKK and Restrictions not onerous It is a no frills fare but OW status should mitigate
  3. andye

    Hertz and Amex Platinum Charge

    The current Amex statement credit is good but have found some other goodies With the Charge, I had more benefits than I thought. Entering the CDP code 211762 resulted in a significant discount (see page below) The UK...
  4. andye

    Amex for Avios

    I replied to a thread in the Amex forum on the best card for earning Avios Platinum Charge is best if you have a high spend and there are a host of extras that can be worthwhile (90K MR for you 45K MR for me) Edge is good if you have high...
  5. andye

    TK discount for health workers

    TK have a discount for healthcare workers to use on flights. 40% off the base fare (not taxes) Register by 18 July Book by 1st August Fly by 31 May 2021 I sent photo of my ID and have an acknowledgement (despite it giving me an error message on application) (I suspect I won't end up using as if...
  6. andye

    EY 33% discount travel credit

    Headforpoints have flagged that you can buy travel vouchers with a 50% uplift for any EY flights over the phone until 24 June valid into 2022. If you have the spare dollars, sounds like a good discount
  7. andye

    US cashback: (inc 10% off IHG) formerly

    Hi The US cash back site (used to be called ebates) has lots of offers In particular IHG at 10% which should stack with the Amex statement credit USD10 to you (and USD25 to me) via this link
  8. andye

    Credit Checks for Supps

    I was trying to keep my Business Accelerator relevant by signing up some supplementaries. Was hoping to take advantage of Shop Small but that didn't work out, Anyway I was surprised to see that this has resulted in an enquiry on mrsdandye's creditsavvy. I thought supps didnt cause a check-has...
  9. andye

    Last minute points trip to London

    I'd known about my Medical School 25th Reunion for about 6 months. However,leave, on-call commitments and maybe a bit of reunion anxiety made me say no to the invitation. Still it was nagging away at me, all those old friends (almost all lost to follow up), memories of life age 18-24 and the...
  10. andye

    Returns with WW card instead of receipt

    Not sure if this is common knowledge but a good reason to scan your card. Bought some Lego for mstr andye3's best friend's birthday. On getting home, was advised that it saying 6+ on the package would be a bad move for a 10 year old. Could I find the receipt anywhere? Anyway, went back to Big W...
  11. andye

    Business Accelerator Shops and Statement Credits

    I currently hold a Business Accelerator card (as well as a Profesisionals Plat Charge, Reserve and Edge). With the changes it was looking destined for the Titanium scissors. However I understand you can ask for multiple supplementaries for 'employees'. Does anyone know if these supps receive...
  12. andye

    Marriott to Avios transfer bonus

    BA has a 30% transfer bonus from hotel schemes on until 31st March Doesnt make sense for most schemes except Marriott (and old SPG) By my calculations: 60K Marriott should give you 20K+5K (Marriott bonus)+7.5K(BA bonus)=32.5K Avios More details on HfP below IT’S BACK: Get a 30% bonus on hotel...
  13. andye

    Missing DPS SCs and points

    Went as a family to Lombok in January Flew SYD-BNE-DPS on Elevate via VA website SYD-BNE credited fine but all 7 flights for BNE-DPS have credited as 0 SC 0 points Called up- apparently a 'known issue'. Took all the VFF details. Said can take 6-8 weeks. Is this really common? And why so long to...
  14. andye

    $30 off Expedia experiences including lounge access

    I was reading headforpoints when came across this Essentially you get USD30 off Expedia experiences (possibly today only) during December on with promo code THANKYOU. Many are cheap (eg lounge access, boat trips) so potential for a good discount. I booked a tall ship harbour cruise...
  15. andye

    GHA Platinum (Rydges PanPacific ParkRoyal etc) for $30

    I spotted this on headforpoints. I dont tend to stay at GHA hotels but some AFFers do and its potentially good value. Its a Black Friday thing so offer ends Sunday UK time I believe. Looks like you need the UK version rather than Asia-Pacific Get GHA Discovery Platinum hotel status for just £16...
  16. andye

    Sydney by Seaplane to Cottage Point Inn

    The fabulous Mrs andye was having a signiificant birthday and I thought that this warranted a memorable day. The forecast for the Monday looked quite good, and I chose Sydney by Seaplane, one of the operators on Rose Bay for a flight up to the Cottage Point Inn on the Hawkesbury River. The...
  17. andye

    April 2018 SPG/Marriott programme update

    Lots of info around on the changes to the merged programmes-most of it not too bad at first sight Could I suggest keeping the discussion in the Marriott thread to avoid duplication?
  18. andye

    Oneway UK car hire for one pound

    I was dropping my wife off at LHR this week and took advantage of this offer from Europcar. You can pick up a car from an outstation and relocate it to the airport for GBP1 (+fuel) You have 24 hours and a generous maximum mileage. You can't choose your car so I wouldnt rely on it with a family...
  19. andye

    Uk APD tax to go up 2018/19

    In yesterdays UK budget further increases were announced for longhaul APD (applicable on departing flights but not sub-24h layovers/transits) particularly in premium cabins Long haul premium will go up from current GBP150 to GBP156 in April 2018 and GBP172 in April 2019 Shorthaul J frozen at...
  20. andye

    VA status via Amex Platinum Charge points transfer

    I have just received an email from Amex offering a year's status for transferring Membership Rewards points to VFF from my Platinum Charge. 250K for VA Gold 500K for VA Platinum. I don't have enough points for the Platinum offer and am already VA Gold so am unlikely to take them up. However on...