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    Award booking question

    I'm looking at booking a reward booking with virgin. Unfortunately there's no more availability showing from Singapore to aus, but there's availability if going Kul-SIN-aus. As I don't need that first segment is it possible to cancel it after booking? Or is it possible to get iSIn-aus when...
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    Quick Question about Classic Award Flight

    Hi. I am after two flights from Melbourne to Tokyo on Jetstar on the 12th of September. They had classic award seats available until last week, and now they have gone. What are the chances of two of them coming back up? Thanks
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    Help booking award flight

    Hi. I'm trying to book my first international award flight. And when looking, for example Tokyo-Melbourne. It shows something like 37,000 points. But when I go further it says its 80,000 points inclusive (Other times its 97,000, but then shows 140,000) But when booking Singapore-Melbourne, its...