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  1. Princess Fiona

    Covid Vaccinated Lanes at airports

    You can currently only transit SIN on a through ticket and only specific airlines and interlining allowed. TA will not be able to over ride it. Obviously things may change between now and when we actually open up to International travel. It is interesting though that QF are going via DRW to LHR...
  2. Princess Fiona

    New Zealand Travel Bubble Announcement

    It is interesting to watch what is unfolding over in NZ. It was clear many, many weeks ago that the lockdown wasn’t going to eliminate Covid. The narrative has followed similar paths to here “people breaking the rules” etc. It took a while for the Govt to shift publicly from elimination to mass...
  3. Princess Fiona

    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    I see Covid patients every day at work. I’m wearing full PPE but I have experienced a few bouts of what I took to be hay fever over the past couple of weeks and got myself tested. Luckily negative. Best wishes on your Iso and recovery.
  4. Princess Fiona

    Qantas A380 F on sale on SYD-LAX from 27/3/22

    It’s awesome but unfortunately it doesn’t have an F Cabin for those who booked F either cash or points.
  5. Princess Fiona

    SQ offering status without flying

    From what I can see now it looks the same.
  6. Princess Fiona

    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Not a surprise. Testing rates are pretty poor in the Hunter. One very good thing though is that hospitalization and ICU is holding steady here despite rising cases. Currently 24 in hospital , 4 in ICU. The vaccines are working !!!
  7. Princess Fiona

    SQ offering status without flying

    I had no idea about this promo until today 🤗 Transferred points from Amex MR and instantly booked two J returns to LHR yesterday evening. Email arrived this morning with update to status.
  8. Princess Fiona

    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    I secured a couple of return J seats to LHR for Xmas this afternoon. The return flight was very clearly marked FEPO. I’m hopeful that the negotiations with SIN are at a fairly advanced staged and we will be able to fully participate in the bubble with them and welcome all travellers from SIN...
  9. Princess Fiona

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    And I just bagged return J Savers FRA-MEL for January!!! Happy days indeed. I thought they weren’t loading the award seats until tomorrow
  10. Princess Fiona

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    I just got two J seats SYD-LHR for week before Xmas. Been watching this like a hawk and they loaded quite a few new dates this afternoon.
  11. Princess Fiona

    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    Unsuccessful SYD-DEL the new QF67 Tried multiple dates in Dec all rejected. None of the flights show I class
  12. Princess Fiona

    Qantas to fly Sydney-Delhi

    Data point. Tried to get J seats released on a few dates in DEC but every date was rejected.
  13. Princess Fiona

    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    And almond milk. Need to have that in.
  14. Princess Fiona

    Australian state border restrictions

    We have been doing babies and toddlers here in NSW throughout the entire pandemic. Lately had included babies in NICU.
  15. Princess Fiona

    British Airways restarting Sydney flights this year?

    This is in the unverified galley gossip category but I have just read on my BA Gold Facebook group that Flights may be happening. Resuming from December via SIN using the VTL program.
  16. Princess Fiona

    General COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

    Vitamin D has been looked at for treating / preventing Covid It doesn’t work BMJ Not all of the drugs listed above are expensive. steroi_s are cheap as chips. All of the others including the steroi_s prevent prolonged ICU admission/ ventilation and death. ICU is extremely expensive if the...
  17. Princess Fiona

    General COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

    Vaccination is the difference between ending up in hospital or staying at home.
  18. Princess Fiona

    General COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

    There are actually a few medications that are used to treat Covid if you become unwell enough to need admission to hospital or if you are early in the disease and at risk of getting severe disease. Corticosteroids (Dexamethasone usually) Barictinib Remdesevir Tocilizumab Prevention of severe...
  19. Princess Fiona

    "Massive" Qantas 2022 award seat release

    I was on straight away at 0700 and didn’t see anything at all released for Dec/January LHR/LAX/YVR which is what I was looking for
  20. Princess Fiona

    Vic to NSW quarantine-less travel: when?

    They usually do a distinction between areas that are in lockdown (the lockdown follows the residents) and areas not in lockdown. So should already be able to travel freely here for most of regional Victoria. I’m guessing the SOP has fallen away recently. My guess is it will lift once the overall...