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  1. crazydave98

    CrazyDave98 leaving Virgin Australia

    Hi Folks I debated with myself whether this was worth a thread and decided to indulge myself. For anyone left reading, I will be leaving Virgin Australia at the end of next week after almost 9 years. When I started with the company on a contract basis we were still flying B737 classics and...
  2. crazydave98

    new Brisbane Lounge

    I was waiting for a sharp-eyed member to draw attention to a comment by Martin Daley, Group Executive Guest Services, reported on page 23 of The Australian today...."The Sydney Lounge will be serviced by Virgin's premium kerbside entrance and kerbside valey service. Mr Daley said Virgin was...
  3. crazydave98

    Virgin Blue A330 J class, ATR and new uniform details

    Folks, our CEO's presentation of half yearly results has photos of J class of our A330s and uniforms, somes notes on the ATR72 and details on new kerb-side entry to The Lounge in T2. Also some "teaser" timelines on future announcements. This is posted on the ASX website ( - do a...
  4. crazydave98

    Virgin Atlantic and Air NZ to codeshare

    Thought this would interest members - VS and NZ to codeshare. Press Release below (sorry about punctuation - something messed up in cut and paste) Air New Zealand Announces Code Sharing Agreement with Virgin Atlantic Air New Zealand and Virgin Atlantic have signed a code sharing...
  5. crazydave98

    Star Alliance courts Virgin Blue

    Thought this report would interest members: Star Alliance courts Virgin Blue | ATW Online cheers CrazyDave98
  6. crazydave98

    Zagat Airline Survey

    interesting read. some great quotes from passengers too. Zagat Survey cheers CrazyDave98
  7. crazydave98

    Virgin and Etihad to build joint lounge at Sydney

    Thought this quote might interest some members from Virgin and Etihad work on expanding their alliance | The Australian "In their first joint interview since their alliance was agreed to in late August, Virgin chief executive John Borghetti and Etihad CEO James Hogan also revealed they were...
  8. crazydave98

    What else is burning members about recent "enhancements" to QFF?

    Call this market research if you will, but I'd like to understand what changes that Qantas has made to QFF recently are getting up the noses of members? Obviously Platinums losing "anytime" lounge access is one and Silvers losing priority check-in at domestic is another. Have Golds lost...
  9. crazydave98

    Amex-Webjet tie-up

    Watching SBS last night - lots of advertising for the tie-up between Amex Membership Rewards and Webjet. The idea is simple enough - use Amex points to pay for any flight booking on Webjet, and there is an option to top up with cash where you have insufficient points. It is not clear whether...
  10. crazydave98

    Outstanding and cheap limo service in SYD

    I highly recommend this company Towncars, Sydney Limo Taxi Price They advertise as being "a limo at taxi rates". Very close on the rates (it cost me $54 all up to get from SYD T2 to home where a taxi normally costs me about $39) and definitely nice limos. The real beauty of it is no queuing...
  11. crazydave98

    Velocity and Elevate (Virgin America) reciprocity

    We're announcing today reciprocity between Elevate and Velocity - been a while coming. From the text of the Press Release: "Virgin Blue Airlines and its’ premium long-haul airline, V Australia announced today they have partnered with Virgin America to allow each airline’s loyalty program...
  12. crazydave98

    Flying Club and Velocity reciprocity

    Thought members might like to know that earlier this week we had a soft launch of reciprocity of benefits between VS Flying Club and Velocity. So Silver or Gold Flying Club members flying DJ/VA receive the same benefits as Velocity Silver/Gold and vice versa. Virgin Atlantic Airways - Popup...
  13. crazydave98

    PER Lounge - soft opening Friday 18 December

    As per thread title, we open the doors of The Lounge in PER this Friday. It will be a soft opening with the official launch in late January 2010. I was in there last week during fitout and like that the layout is compartmentalised so it doesn't feel like a barn even though it it quite big at...
  14. crazydave98

    How the U.S. Government Helped Frequent Fliers Make a Mint

    US Government helps frequent flyers make a mint Possibly the best scam for points/miles I have seen... At least several hundred mile-junkies discovered that a free shipping offer on presidential and Native American $1 coins, sold at face value by the U.S. Mint, amounted to printing free...
  15. crazydave98

    Police called in to guard Tiger staff after cancellation

    Must be about the furthest ahead Tiger have ever planned....they had police guarding the counter when breaking the news that the flight was delayed for three days. Police called in after Tiger passengers left stranded
  16. crazydave98

    Access to Delta lounges for Virgin/V Aust guests

    Some news that I think quite a few people have been waiting for and exclusive to AFF: Effective immediately, permitted Guests travelling with Virgin Blue, V Australia, Delta Airlines and Northwest respectively, can benefit with access to Virgin Blue Lounges domestically within Australia and...
  17. crazydave98

    I-Phone Roaming in USA (Telstra)

    I'm heading to the States next week - can anybody tell me whether a Telstra iPhone will work on roam in the USA, or whether you can rent a local SIM card in teh US that will work with an Australian-bought iPhone? Many thanks. CrazyDave98
  18. crazydave98

    Article on Virgin Blue codeshare and interline relationships and alliances

    Thought this article would be of interest to members. I believe a fuller version will be published in next edition of Airline Business and will appear of the Flight Global website (which is a good site for airline business news) Boeing Airbus Data and Airline Industry News from Flightglobal...
  19. crazydave98

    A380 cross-wind landing at Oshkosh by gosh

    YouTube video of an A380 landing in high cross-wind. Would like to know just how high the wind was. YouTube - A380 Hard Landing at Oshkosh CrazyDave98
  20. crazydave98

    Velocity membership for overseas residents

    An update about accessing Velocity for foreign residents. We put out a press release today (not yet on website) advising that members of either Flying Club or Velocity can earn points when flying on any of Virgin Atlantic, V Australia or Virgin Blue and that we are working on plans for...