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  1. Yada Yada

    What happened to Virgin?

    Thanks for the welcome guys. :) @serfty - I guess you may be right, 3 flights is a small sample. Although it felt like a distinct change in culture, right through to the way the announcements were made. @kpc - thanks! You're at plat on DJ as well as QF! Well done. @bundy bear - the...
  2. Yada Yada

    What happened to Virgin?

    Hi forum, It's been a long time since I last posted... about 4 years. After nearly burning out in my last job, which involved flying at least once a week and often more, I quit and took a few months off. The new job I took on required no travel... bliss! Until now. I was asked to travel to our...
  3. Yada Yada

    Premium Economy Tester Experience

    I've flown quite a bit of PE in the past (paid) mostly MEL-SYD and ensured that I did not get allocated to 1A/1C. For me, every other PE seat is better because you get: (a) L2A from gate-to-gate (b) your luggage in the overhead locker above your seat (c) the ability to get your bag down...
  4. Yada Yada

    QF to defer A380/738 and slash 1750 jobs

    I can always be sure that you will respond to my remarks if I mention Qantas in anything other than glowing terms. Perhaps you are a QF troll? :rolleyes: A few points in response: 1. For someone who has spent a good deal of time slagging off at DJ for all manner of reasons, I think this is a...
  5. Yada Yada

    QF to defer A380/738 and slash 1750 jobs is reporting that "Qantas... is also in discussions with Boeing to delay the delivery of the first batch of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. That may annoy some QF stalwarts if JQ pax are flying around in 787's for even longer before QF get them.
  6. Yada Yada

    QF to defer A380/738 and slash 1750 jobs

    With VA now in the air, QF's ability to gouge customers flying between Australia and the USA is now severely limited. They get no sympathy from me. They made plenty of hay while the sun shined. :-|
  7. Yada Yada

    Virgin Blue announces flights to Bali

    Excellent news! :) Thanks for the info. Harking back to earlier posts in this thread from last year by others, I can't see the problem with flying on a 737 for medium length sectors. :rolleyes: I've done plenty in the past, e.g. JFK-LAX, YYZ-LAX, and OGG-LAX in a 757 which is much the same.
  8. Yada Yada

    Delta Interline with V Australia

    Thanks Dave! :D
  9. Yada Yada

    Delta Interline with V Australia

    Now that's very good news indeed. It makes my 500,000 Velocity points a bit more interesting! :)
  10. Yada Yada

    Premium Economy update

    Yes, I hope so too. I guess having convertible seats means that they haven't lost capacity so it shouldn't affect them too badly if it isn't popular. Not sure. Providing free food/beverage might be nice although the cost is minimal so maybe it's not a clincher. Same with IFE - on the way over...
  11. Yada Yada

    Premium Economy update

    G'day folks, I've just taken a few more PE flights on VB and thought I'd share some notes with you all. My comments are based on the following flights: FRI 09 MAY MEL-SYD MON 12 MAY SYD-PER TUE 13 MAY PER-SYD The first thing I noticed is that VB is leaving the red seats setup in PE...
  12. Yada Yada

    Virgin Australia's [Blue's] domestic sale(s)

    I purchase fares as I need from week to week so this type of thing works OK for me. :)
  13. Yada Yada

    Qantas cancels SYD/LAX service

    Sounds like security in the USA has lapsed somewhat if people can board the wrong flight. :eek: Indeed! I guess that's what it comes down to in the end - you made it there in one piece.
  14. Yada Yada

    Qantas cancels SYD/LAX service

    Andrew - your posts are always very entertaining. Maintain the rage! :lol:
  15. Yada Yada

    Virgin Mobile + Velocity = 10,000 bonus points

    At least they are not offering Crownies. That would be very poor value. :lol:
  16. Yada Yada

    Virgin Blue Velocity Status Poll

    Well how about that!!! I guess they are trying to remove every obstacle to gaining business from those who are attached to QF. Hope they succeed.
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    Continental 757 lands on taxiway at EWR

    Well, I doubt they'd stoop that low! :rolleyes: Glad you are not in charge of QF strategy! :p
  18. Yada Yada

    Qantas Pubbing from NOON

    Yeah, it has to be coming soon. Everyone these days is much more "coffee aware" than in times past so I don't think they will be able to hold out for too long. :)
  19. Yada Yada

    Continental 757 lands on taxiway at EWR

    Really? I guess they will do one of the following: Make minor repairs, fly it once just so they can say it wasn't written off after an incident (the dreaded hull loss) and then quietly strip it for parts; Repair it properly at a cost approaching or exceeding replacement cost; Unless...
  20. Yada Yada

    A National Disgrace!

    Reminds me of when Streets downsized Paddle Pops. The packet said "new fun size". Fun for who????? :mad: