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    Another 50% SC promo

    Not just you, had flight on 26 Feb, flight credited on 28 Feb but no bonus has come through. First leg was credited a few days earlier.
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    OLCI Help

    Hoping someone can help. I am flying Bne - Adl 6pm tonight and Adl - Bne 12.45pm tomorrow. I've been able to OLCI for the 6pm flight tonight - but cannot seem to figure out how I can OLCI for tomorrows flight. The flights are on the same res number.
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    Blue Holidays - Show Me The Status Credits

    I'd suggest it's something they should look at sooner rather than later as well. Part of the attraction of using Blue Holidays should be status credits as you are ensuring you are using DJ for the flights. Would seem to be a no-brainer to me.
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    Linking 2 Tickets so that we sit togther

    Agree its best to check in early - but from what I've seen (having been asked if I'll move seats) they will do their best to seat you together. If you can access web checkin you may be able to select seats together anyway.
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    Virgin Blue embarks on brand overhaul

    I generally book my travel with little lead time. Next week I have BNE - MEL - SYD - BNE, which I am booking today. The 3 legs with DJ are $316, with QF at the same flight times is $555. For my travel patterns (which are much less than yours as I'd only do 40 - 50 flights a year!!!) their...
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    Virgin Blue embarks on brand overhaul

    Why do they need to be out to match anyone? I generally find their stripped down airfare saves me significantly. I often don't need to check-in luggage and don't need a token treat on a short haul flight - so I'm happy not to have a charge for those built in to my airfare - but I can choose...
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    Virgin Blue embarks on brand overhaul

    It would appear that DJ CHOOSE to use an alternative business model and are not out to "match" QF. I'm sure DJ could offer an all inclusive airfare if they wanted to at a higher price, but seems they prefer to offer choices.
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    Virgin Blue Experience

    I think the statement markis10 was referring to was: markis10 then proceeded to show clearly happy hour fares that are available at peak travel times for SYD-BNE. While that may not be useful for YOUR circumstances, there may be others that it will be useful for who will appreciate knowing...
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    The Lounge - what refreshments/changes do you expect or would like to see?

    I'm not sure if any lounges would offer a Bloddy Mary.:lol:
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    The Lounge - what refreshments/changes do you expect or would like to see?

    At the BNE lounge last night was told it will be closing soon for 6 weeks for refurbishment (they will be operating a temporary lounge for this period). Hopefully some new food options might come out of this as well.
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    Save up to 25%, F&B discount & 4PM late checkout at IHG hotels in Asia

    No - am guessing the "up to" clause is being played, and is likely to only be off the Best Flexible rate rather than Best Available.
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    AMEX Network - Coles Express Fuel Voucher (Exp 30 Sept 2010)

    Received two gift cards today, one in my name, one in Mrs Andyj name. Both to the same address, one card direct with AMEX, one a bank branded AMEX.
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    Priority Privilege October - no weblinks

    I've done this at the Old Sydney Holiday Inn and there was no problems. If you want to be certain you could check with the IC Melbourne.
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    Qantas opposes DJ/VA/EY alliance

    The ACCC have now given interim approval to the alliance, so VA will be selling tickets 1 October. John B finally gets some good news from regulators!!!
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    New Pointbreaks out - ADL CP and HI on Avon Christchurch are it!

    Re: CP Christchurch I've stayed four times over the past couple of years as Platinum. Only upgraded to club room once, and the booking was the room category below club. But I don't think there is a consistent application - if you want/need a club room, it is probably worth booking one...
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    V Australia Lounge Brisbane International

    Apparently the Brisbane problems are that no other provider will allow access to use their lounges, and the airport won't allow another lounge to be built.. Hopefully the AirNZ arrangements will help solve this.
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    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    CP Darling Harbour, Booked $119 sale rate - upgraded to 1 bedroom suite plus a free bottle of wine in the room.