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    jetstar and hnl- costs from non syd/mel ports

    I was interested in a weeks holiday in HNL following JS announcements of their current specials. I costed the fare from ADL in March 07 and found the itinerary at $620 more than the relative MEL/HNL or SYD/HNL fare. Now I realise that I always pay more for connections for international flights...
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    lost my gold status

    Thanks for your help. I'm not sure what SG and QP means so I'll have go at explaining! I joined QFF in 2000 under a government coprorate scheme In late 2001, I had reached gold status which gave me automatic Qantas Club Membership. I have retained Gold status ever since, until I resigned from...
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    lost my gold status

    After having FF Gold for the last 5 years as I was flying a lot for business I recently lost it becuase I'm not flying as much, and certainly not on full economy fares anymore. I was working in the public service and joined QFF under their corporate scheme and now I work for a poor non -...
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    reassessment pending

    My Gold status is being reassessed- Current Status:GoldStatus reassessment will occur:30 Sep 2006Status credits earned from 01 Oct 2005:85Additional Status credits required by 30 Sep 2006 to retain Gold: 515Additional Status credits required by 30 Sep 2006 to attain Platinum: 1,315I received...
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    newbie question

    Hi everyone. I am a newbie to this forum although I have been watching it for quite a while. I've racked up 110,000 QF points (Gold) :D while travelling in Oz and am intending on travelling to Europe in Aug/Sept 07- probably to Amsterdam and London, maybe with a side trip to Spain if I can...