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  1. Bolthead

    New Virgin Website

    Virgin Australia have changed the layout of their website. In particular the way you book flights has changed and the layout/theme seems to match the Velocity website. I knew they had plans to merge both the websites into one and it appears that they have either done that of at least started the...
  2. Bolthead

    The Future of Personal Flying - Looks like Fun (Maybe)

    I would give it a go...
  3. Bolthead

    Calling All Uber Drivers...

    Thought I would start this thread for all Uber drivers (or any taxi or ride share drivers) on this forum that want to help other Uber drivers, passengers or just have a vent. The following is more of a vent however I also learnt a lesson so I thought I would pass it on. As most drivers know...
  4. Bolthead

    How well do you know airports around the world...

    I'm ashamed I only got 15/30 Test Your Knowledge: Airports Quiz | HowStuffWorks
  5. Bolthead

    Explosion at PVG

    Explosion at PVG - three people injured... Three injured in Shanghai airport terminal explosion | South China Morning Post
  6. Bolthead

    Qantas flight diverted to Oman after inflight medical emergency.

    Qantas flight diverted after medical emergency... unfortunately the passenger was not revived and died before landing. Qantas flight's Oman emergency landing in vain as passenger dies of suspected heart attack
  7. Bolthead

    SQ Availability 18th Feb

    We have recently decided to do a last minute trip to Shanghai to visit our son and check out the Ice Festival in Harbin. We are only looking at SQ flights as we want to earn Velocity points as well as use an upgrade certificate we have. Checking on the SQ website there appears to be slim...
  8. Bolthead

    Marriott Announces Merger with Starwood

    Announced yesterday via email: Copy from email....... As a valued member, we're excited to share the news that Marriott International will join together with Starwood Hotels & Resorts to create the world's largest hotel company. For our Marriott Rewards members, this will mean even more...
  9. Bolthead

    Overheard Pilot Discussion with Cabin Crew

    I have been meaning to post this discussion I overheard between the Captain of my most recent flight and one of the members of the cabin crew. I was flying on VA from OOL-SYD on the last flight flying on an E90. We arrived into SYD about 10 minutes earlier than planned and arriving at the gate...
  10. Bolthead

    Pictures Posting differently in the same post.

    Go to post: I have posted 2 photos but one of them has only appeared. The other one just has a link 'Attachment 36221' Did I do something wrong...
  11. Bolthead

    Brisbane Airport Major Infrasturcture

    New video regarding all the new work at Brisbane airport...
  12. Bolthead

    Company Expenses

    Last week my wife went to Melbourne for a conference. She is in the medical game and 2 staff members are picked every year to attend. I am interested in other peoples opinions as to the extent of what expenses do their company normally pickup. I have always had all expenses from airfares...
  13. Bolthead

    Virgin Introducing beds into SYD Lounge [Joke]

    :lol: Proof that Virgin have introduced beds into the SYD lounge... Mods feel free to delete if you think this is inappropriate...
  14. Bolthead

    'Fist Fight'

    Fistfight between pilot, steward delays Saudi flight - Transport - Fight amongst crew on Saudi flight.
  15. Bolthead

    Putting a 'Bubble' in your post???

    I notice in quite a few posts people put a 'bubble' with text added. It is similar to a 'bubble' when you quote somebody else's point but it's not a quote. How do you do that?? Tried to search for an answer but couldn't find one. Hope I am making sense!!
  16. Bolthead

    'My Travels'

    Have I been blind. I just noticed on one of my posts that on the left hand side under my name and Avatar etc... there is a section called 'My Travels', how long has that been going on as I have never noticed it before? Not that I have a problem with it. Please don't tell me it's been there the...
  17. Bolthead

    787 Pilot's Rest Area

    Just came across this video of the pilot's rest area on the 787. Looks comfy... Hope I am not double dipping!
  18. Bolthead

    New Documentary: Aviation, The Invisible Highway.

    Check out this trailer for a new documentary that is in the making: Aviation: The Invisible Highway | a film by Brian J. Terwilliger | narrated by Harrison Ford Looking forward to seeing it.
  19. Bolthead

    35 Sexy Flight Attendant Selfies From Around the Globe

    Found this site with other interesting info.... 35 Sexy Flight Attendant Selfies From Around the Globe |
  20. Bolthead

    Hawaiian Airlines Fare Classes

    G'day, trying to figure out (find) the fare class my daughter has booked for her upcoming flight to HNL with HA. She booked directly online with the HA website. She is in economy. Her confirmation doesn't state the class (unless I am blind), and using online management it doesn't seem to mention...