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    Woolworths Qantas Platinum Credit Card

    Hi I'm looking at getting a Visa card that earns QFF points. Does anyone know if the Woolworths Qantas Platinum is worthwhile? The first year's fee is $99 and $169 thereafter. It gives 1QFF per $ spent up to 2,500QFF a month. Any thought appreciated.
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    Reward points breakdown

    Hi Is there a way to check how many points were earned for each transaction? I can't seem to find where I can get a detailed breakdown of my points. Thanks
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    Citibank Qantas Rewards

    Hi, I'm a Platinum card holder and have about 18k reward points at the moment. I'm hoping to transfer all of them to my QFF account, but I'm not registered for the Citibank Qantas Rewards. Can I call them up, get myself registered and then transfer the points over? The website seems to say that...
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    Platinum reward points

    Hi, Does anyone know what the reward ratio is for Reward Platinum for the past few years? I've just gone through my parents' credit card statements and it seems to have been $1:1 at best. I thought it has been $1:1.25 or something in that range. I called up CS, but they said $1:1.25 is only for...
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    Citibank raising the bar!

    Isn't the standard reward rate $1 for 1 point rather than $1 for 1.25 or better?
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    NEW! Amex Platinum Reserve Credit Card

    Is it likely that all Platinum Credit Card holders will be automatically transferred to the Reserve?
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    10 Bonus point per $1 when booking with Hotelclub

    Just a few questions: Did they come in a separate transaction? Also, what's the "description" of the transaction? How about the amount that you'll pay only when you check-in, did they give you the bonus for that amount as well?
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    Is it right that even supp Plat Charge Card holders also receive a Plat Credit Card? If so, are supp Plat Charge Card holders eligible for the free flight as well? Thanks
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    Do you mean the definitions on p.11? There's only a definition for a 'Trip', but the subject matter in the rental section is an arbitrary journey that starts and ends in Australia.
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    Actually, the duration of the journey has no bound because the only limitation is that it commences and ends in Australia.
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    I think I've found the answer: So, typically, if the car isn't hired under the card holder's name, then there's no cover because the card holder isn't responsible for the costs.
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    Does that mean I'd be covered if I fly to any country and hire a car there, as long as I return home within half a year?
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    It seems the T&C doesn't enforce that the driver has to be the card holder, right? So I could pay for someone else's car and they would still be insured?
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    If a supplementary card holder resides overseas, then his/her trip would start and end in a foreign country. Supplementary card holders do not have to reside in Australia, right?
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    Platinum Card, what will I get for $900

    Sorry for digging up an old post: doesn't the Plat Credit Card already provide the same travel insurance?
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    10-25% Bonus for Transferring Amex Membership Rewards points to selected Airlines

    I keep getting an error when I try to transfer. Has anyone successfully made the transfer?
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    Citibank Gold Business Card vs Citibank Plat Card

    Can the points earned on the Gold Business be transferred to SIA?
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    Amex just gave me 10,000 points

    Nothing here either. They took some random number of points away from me, which turned out to be 50% more points away! Ridiculous... :evil::evil:
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    1000 points for 5 transactions

    Mine's a reward maximiser and it was a single adjustment, which happened today.
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    1000 points for 5 transactions

    They took 1455 off mine, when I only got 1000 bonus. The CS hasn't been helpful either! You guys got any luck getting the rest back?