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    VA a LCC?

    OMG... just completed a survey about Scoot and it's put VA into the LCC category! :eek:
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    Coles Group and Myer Gift Card Not Activated

    Thought I would post it here as a new thread and a warning to others. An old 2017 thread was not open for further replies. Was at Liquorland last night to get a $100 gift card. Attendant swiped the card, but something didn't feel right as the receipt didn't mention anything about activation...
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    Sydney hotel choices

    Still hoping to be able to go to Sydney this coming Labour Day weekend in Vic if borders are open. There aren't that many five star options to choose from because many are taking returned travellers doing quarantine. Currently have two open bookings, one at the Star for a premium king suite...
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    What is good customer service?

    So with the borders closed, I thought I would read hotel reviews on TripAdvisor and Google on new hotels to keep myself sane I started with Pullman Rotorua which opened a year ago at one of my favourite countries, New Zealand, because it's so casual and laid back that I could go barefoot at...
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    Need help from the brains trust in solving this animated characters quiz

    I've got about 7 that I couldn't work out...
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    Does anyone have a recent version of the Advantedge mortgage discharge authority form?

    I've been looking on the web. Some of the ones online are dated 2011. Just wondering if there are more recent versions? Can you upload it? Thanks in advance.
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    Hilton Surfers Paradise Residences - booking over NYE - minimum stay

    Has anyone stayed at the residences around NYE previously for less than five nights? I'm looking to stay there for four nights or less over NYE, but any attempt to book NYE for under five nights will show no availability. I am wondering if the hotel will lift the minimum stay requirement...
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    Flight appears as reward on VA site, but not showing on SQ site?

    I'm curious as to what's causing it. Looking at flight SQ5480/MI480 (SilkAir) flying from SIN to MLE on 26 January 2020. It's bookable on the VA site on points, but when I go to the SQ site and try booking it as a paid fare, it's nowhere to be found? The flight appears on Expedia when i do a...
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    Does your e-ticket start with 795 for a VA redemption ticket on a partner airline?

    My booking has just been ticketed, but the e-tickets don't appear on the partner airline website.
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    Booked SilkAir using VA points, then booking on hold?

    I booked two return tickets on SilkAir. At the final confirmation screen, got a message saying there's an error and that payment has not been taken. I paid for the whole booking using VA points including taxes and those points have been deducted from my account. I didn't receive any itinerary...
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    MEL-SIN in J. Is this a sale price or normal price?

    Looking to fly end of Jan 2020. Return J currently at about $3K. Is this what they normally go for?
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    DJ Amex Hilton Honors transfer gone?

    Can someone else confirm? I can't see it anymore when logged in to DJ Amex. When I'm in my Amex Reserve, it's still there.
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    Royal Brunei Airlines and LGBTI travellers

    Smart Traveller tells couple to ‘act straight’ after concerns over stoning
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    Which fare would you pick on VA?

    With the current triple points offer, I am deciding whether to pay cash, or use my points for a MEL-OOL trip. I am tossing up the following options. 1. Getaway fare $142.64 (using discount code, get triple points and possibly 2.1% Cashrewards) 2. Elevate fare $161.65 (using discount code, get...
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    What is the dress code like on Daydream Island?

    With the re-opening of Daydream Island coming up in April, we have booked a few nights stay in August. For those who have been to Daydream Island before the 2017 cyclone, how were the other guests dressed? This is currently in their FAQs: "We like to take it easy on Daydream Island. There’s...
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    VA 1M seat sale and 3x points

    Has anyone been able to activate the offer? I keep getting an error message on the page where I'm supposed to enter my Velocity number.
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    Does anyone know where Hertz's prestige vehicles disappeared to in OOL and CNS?

    I hired Audis from both locations a year or two ago, and now nothing is available at all. Does anyone know why?
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    VA UpgradeMe Points error

    I booked a return flight MEL-BNE for March 2019 last year during the double points promo. It is a Getaway fare. When I log into my Velocity account to try and upgrade using points, I get "Booking not eligible This booking is not eligible for Upgrades using Velocity Frequent Flyer Points."...
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    [Rumour] DJ Amex cutting earn rates for new applicants

    Overheard someone saying Amex is reducing the earn rates for new applicants from next month. Will see if this is true or not.
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    Economy X Row 3 - what is so good about it?

    Now that I have been upgraded to platinum, I can selected Economy X seats for my upcoming flights. I see that nearly all of you prefer to pick row 3. Why is that? I would imagine the leg room for all three rows to be the same? When I travel for more than 1 night, I usually have a backpack plus...