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    Qantas announce more regional growth

    A number of new routes announced,mainly Q300s Post covid,looks like the Q300s from the failed JQ NZ regional play Have found something to do.good to see Launceston moving up to a B717 too Do we start the clock on how long it will take Rex to start whinging? Qantas reveals new flight routes —...
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    VA to withdraw from GET After reducing schedules in Jan, VA surprised they didn't shrink the market to profitability. Last Flights 21July
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    QF Buys into Alliance

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    Qantas selling PY on QF9/10 dom legs

    Just doing some searches for Mel-Per trip and noticed PY product is saleable now on the Dom legs of QF9/10.I was aware you could do redemptions and points upgrades but don’t recall the PY product saleable on the Dom tags. The fare conditions drop down doesn’t show points or status earned yet.The...
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    2018 EpiQure dining events announced

    SYD, BNE & ADL dates for May&June.No MEL date at this stage. Friends of mine rate the SYD venue.. Also received an email saying the Wine Fair dates will be earlier than last year after feedback. As yet no venue or dates announced.
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    John Thomas reported to be leaving VA

    Ausbt twitter feed reporting JBs potential replacement is to leave VA.Nothing else at this stage. QF shares at $5.86, VA languishing under 17 cents. Eventually someone has to be the sacrificial lamb. Interesting times at VA
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    James Hogan to step down this year

    From TD EY ceo James Hogan to step down in the second half of 2017. The Etihad Aviation Group Board of Directors has just announced a transition to a new chief executive officer, with incumbent James Hogan to leave the business, along with Etihad Aviation Group CFO James Rigney. Hogan has led...
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    VA Launch Economy Space + on 777 routes

    Sounds pretty good but sort of downtrades the value of PY with the addons Virgin Australia Launch Economy Space plus | Virgin Australia
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    VA announce Q3 loss and Regional market restructure Wonder which markets in the ATR space will get pruned. This on top of the announced withdrawal of a number of E190s already flagged. Obviously running airlines isn't all "Wine and Roses" reflected by share prices of both majors here.
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    Tiger Bali flights

    Considering this was announced last Aug, pretty poor not to have it sorted before the Easter peak. In fact normally in such cases they have to disclose on new routes seats sold are"subject to regulatory approval".Wonder when they were going to get it? Even though most of the Bali traffic...
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    Qantas Loyalty gets into health care

    Noted on Qantas Newsroom this morning new JV with NIB QANTAS AND NIB TO CREATE A MORE REWARDING HEALTH INSURANCE EXPERIENCE - Qantas News Room
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    Qantas credit rating lift

    ASX announcement that Standard and Poors have lifted QF credit rating back to investment grade (BBB-) Must be the reason for the late share surge.This should help reduce borrowing costs to further help the performance rebound.Makes the 95th birthday week that bit sweeter. As a small investor...
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    Qantas announces fare discounts to Aquire members

    After yesterday's announcements regarding new routes & increased frequencies now a push to SMEs found this link Qantas steps up battle for small business | Business News | Business and Finance News | | The Mercury
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    VA to 'Tigerize" some shorthaul international routes

    Looks like the AGM will be the place to announce some "enhancements" to some INT routes. The last paragraph also interesting as indicates a possibility of widewodies for TT Virgin Australia struggles with international routes as it plots Tigerair entry
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    Qantas responds to Germanwings incident

    In the Qantas news section of Qantas .com,posted today ,QF announce 2 person in coughpit rule will apply from tomorrow.
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    Virgin to remove bagfree fares from Domestic Routes

    just spotted this industry release..I wonder if their T class fare will go down to the old S level or is this an effective $10-15 fare increase at the bottom end of their tariff.Time will tell Effective 17 March 2015, Virgin Australia will commence a Fare Class re-alignment across our...
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    VA remove Lite fares from CBR routes

    It appears that the VA bag less fares (Lite) have been removed from CBR Routes. Only Saver fares available now(search on CBR to major routes SYD,MEL,BNE,ADL&PER confirms this) Their product offering is bcoming very inconsistant.. I'm sure the fares were there a few weeks ago. Anyone know when...
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    Tiger Safety issues raised

    Safety questions hit Tigerair Some issues seem poor training & procedural also whistle-blower protection and crew egos. Seems systematic of not having structures to adequately deal with the growth they have gone through. If they hadn't been grounded for safety concerns originally this would be...
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    Qantas credit union secures naming rights for the Syd Ent Centre

    It appears only a short- term agreement , however, the Tele reports the Ent cent will become the The Qantas Credit Union Arena until sometime in 2015 when the delayed redevelopment will occur, It is still the best and most convienient venue in Sydney for concerts IMO. Good on the credit...
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    VAH share trading halt-cash raising

    On the ASX,VA announce $350M ProRata Accelerated Non-Renounceable Entitlement Offer. On the back of aircraft Sale and lease back + the 80M line of credit announced in the EOY statements. Multiple $$ raisings would be a concern in a business that didnt have strong conerstone investors NZ/SQ/EY...