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    Rejected at BOM

    Hey, Short Version: I'm sitting land side at BOM wanting to leave (CX750 to HKG). The problem was that when I tried to clear immigration they said that was too early and that they could not process me yet. :twisted: I am about 10h early. My plan was to sit in the lounge, relax...
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    Airport Guide Website

    Hi again, Just wondering if there is a website which has guides to airports. I know that individual airports may have their own sites, but I was after a more all inclusive site. The other part of this is, if there are such sites, do any of them cover what transport options are available...
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    Annoying DVT Video

    Just wondering who else is getting annoyed by that DVT prevention video that QF plays at the start of flights. For me I'm not so annoyed by the fact that they play the video as I'm sure that they are genuinely concerned :roll: for passenger health and safety. What I really want to know is...
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    Hey, I've just started the second half of my DONE4 and was wondering if any airports have decent hair dressers/barbers in them that don't cost a fortune (<$30 simple cut), or better still do any lounges give free cuts? I'll be BOM-xBKK-xHKG-xBKK-CMB CMB-xSIN-xHKG-xSIN-xLHR-xDXB-MCT (36.5h...
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    Availability when there is none.

    Had a strange thing happen this morning. Needed to get next few segments of my DONE4 dated/validated. Anyway KVS was showing J8 C1? D0 (seat map showed atleast 11 seats available) for 12 April, so resigned myself that I would have to fly 2 days later (D9). Anyway down at the Qantas Travel...
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    Where will my luggage go?

    Hi, I'm going to be doing the first part of a DONE4 (ex IST) and in one section of my trip I have the following SCL - SYD (via AKL) on QF322 (LA801) landing at 0720 followed by SYD - AKL on QF119 departing 0920 So what I'm wondering is where will my luggage go? Will I need to collect...
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    BNE/MEL - LHR Fuel Surcharge

    Hi, just wanting to ask this. If flying to MEL-LHR on QF9 or QF387 would I be paying the fuel surcharge only once each way, as opposed to flying from BNE on two different flight numbers which definately has 2 surcharges. Thanks. Mal.
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    Credit Card Applications and FBT

    Hi, wishing to apply for a Citibank card, however my "taxable" income does not meet the required level for the card. Now the annoying part is that I salary sacrifice (directly into my existing credit card account) and I don't think the poor people in Manilla had a clue what I was on about...
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    Points on Balance Transfers....again.

    I know there has already been some discussion about points earned from balance transfers, however I was wondering about a few things. (1). Can you earn the points from all the cards, Visa, Mastercard, Silver, Gold, Plat? (2). Do they issue (exluding delays, stuff-ups etc) the points each...