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  1. mrsterryn

    Lost status :(

    Sadly it appears I have lost my Qantas platinum status. I very much doubt my travel (self funded ) will return to the level of pre Covid Anyone else in the same boat, as I having lost their airlines status ? I managed to stuff up the one trip required. Yeppers very peeved with myself Ah well I...
  2. mrsterryn

    Free Gold luggage and tags

    Geez I truly thought I had cleared everything . Nope of course there are always more tubs lol Happy to post Please have had 50+ postings
  3. mrsterryn

    Best airline in economy with toddlers Syd to LHR

    So considering flying with son , Dil and Dil sister with two toddler grandchildren First two weeks of Dec 22 Husband and I will , hopefully, be using up some points and travelling business Don't have enough for all of us to fly business . Daughter in Law would much prefer to save the money and...
  4. mrsterryn

    Finally trying to book a ticket

    Tried to book a rewards seats for Feb Syd to LAX using credit and cash for the return. System said cannot spilt payment types. Does that mean I can't use my Qantas credits with a rewards seat ? I shall try to call tomorrow but.... The tickets are certainly quite a bit higher then pre covid ...
  5. mrsterryn

    Adelaide - Hotels near airport & Easy Public transport?

    So I still need to do my token trip for Qantas to maintain my probable no longer attainable platinum lol Pondering a quick trip from Sydney to Adelaide :) are there hotels close to the airport and easy buses to the city ?
  6. mrsterryn

    Travelling in Europe with a USA 15 year non family member

    A close friend has asked if I would travel with her 15 year old (will be 15 next year ) in Europe for a week or so The idea is mum , younger sister and the travelling sister would come to London where I would meet them Travelling child would stay with me a week or so longer than the other two...
  7. mrsterryn

    Anyone had a hydrosense bed topper ?

    Husband has temperature control issues. So recently we found a hydrosense bed topper from a medical supply company It definitely cools the bed down but not as much as advertised which is down to 8% Just curious if anyone else has used them or had knowledge of them ?
  8. mrsterryn

    Suggestion for spilt system air con?

    Our ducted air con is almost 15 years old. Wondering if anyone has replaced theirs and put in a spilt system ? We are in a strata townhouse situation
  9. mrsterryn

    "paying" for maintaining status

    I think under the Qantas umbrella the people who are first going to lose their status will be Feb ? March ones next year ? Not sure if any airlines so have purchasable status so have put this in general questions Husband appears to need 200 and four flights (wish Melbourne will open ) so is...
  10. mrsterryn

    Voucher appears on APP

    Similar to others I have had issues with vouchers not appearing. It seems the app has had an upgrade and now my vouchers (even the one I didn't receive an email about ) are available and showing
  11. mrsterryn

    When international starts again will you stay with your usual provider ?

    Perennially hopefully :) Next year husband is hopeful to go to Denmark (which he missed this year ) in sept . Just having a sticky at costs and ummm holey moley. Working on the status maintained isn't likely now , we are looking at possibly flying with someone else than Qantas Are other...
  12. mrsterryn

    Qantas App looks empty

    It has been some years since my upcoming 11 months display has no flights booked . I miss having those flights there Mine is only international with on occasions domestic legs Definitely a void Now to try and work out when I can book a rewards flight for next year
  13. mrsterryn

    Excess Points

    My excess Points is relevant to Qantas but I suspect many have other points that are languishing there Has anyone thought of spending on non flights ? Having had some flights cancelled and our usual (flights excluded ) points I am wondering what to do especially with no end in sight of borders...
  14. mrsterryn

    Sending parcel to UK

    Recently received an email from Aust Post which states USA and some Asian countries are almost back on track for postage . I sent a parcel to California on 12th August and it arrived 18th. Anyone have a current idea how long parcels are taking to UK ?
  15. mrsterryn

    What time frame on the forum ?

    Just curious as to what is the time reference on the pages ? GMT +12 or ? Thank you :)
  16. mrsterryn

    Free One set Martin Grant PJs m/l

    Happy to post to someone with 50 plus posts and at least six months membership :) Please note non smoking 🏠 but 🐕 rules the household Just been in the bag :) Thought someone might like :)
  17. mrsterryn

    Voucher missing

    I have two cancelled bookings. I have email for one and it is the same booking number. It says it is in my "trips" but it doesn't display in the app ? If I click the link it shows up. Can I put in the other booking reference to see if it appears ? The only bookings in the app are for Nov Thanks
  18. mrsterryn

    Aeroplane playing cards

    Just doing some deep cleaning :) Another piece of airline trivia This is Cathay playing cards Did many other airlines have branded playing cards ?
  19. mrsterryn

    Home routine

    For those are home have you changed your routine ? I was surprised at how much housework I had already done lol With zero outings and likely to continue I was curious as to whether people had created a plan for being home ?
  20. mrsterryn

    Links for online presentations

    It looks like loads of place are doing special videos and podcasts for the duration (I hope) of the pandemic I thought it would be handy to have the links here so easy to reference them They are doing podcasts of their walks I have done numerous of their walks in person and they...