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  1. mjt57

    Help - Who’s Had Problems with Webjet?

    6 mths ago we booked flights to New York with Virgin Australia via Webjet. We fly out on Tuesday morning. On Friday evening my wife logged in to Webjet to check details only to discover that “for operational reasons” VA7 from BNE to LAX had been cancelled. In a mad panic we had to try and sort...
  2. mjt57

    An Airport at Toowoomba and Mystery Cargo Flight?

    If someone would like to have a read of this Facebook link, it's about a group of motorcycling journos who were waiting for their flights back home after a press launch of a bike. It's about how they were all hearded away from the departure lounge, including airport workers, whilst a Cathay...
  3. mjt57

    Qantas Transfers from MEL-LAX and LAX-JFK

    Tomorrow my daughter and the grandkids are flying to New York on the 93 or 94 (forget which one it is) from MEL to LAX, then from there to JFK on another QF flight. Who's done this recently? How much time is there spent between getting through customs and then checking in for the next leg...
  4. mjt57

    Security Certificate Errors

    When I open the AFF page I get Kaspersky opening an error message about security certificate saying it's been specifically excluded or that it isn't in the list. Here's a screen shot of it:
  5. mjt57

    Entering the US via air, leaving on a cruise ship - Anything to worry about?

    We're flying to Hawaii for a few days then getting on a cruise ship which will then sail around the islands and porting overnight at a couple of ports. Then it sails to Canada, porting in Vancouver. I have a valid Aussie passport and an ESTA. says that if an Aussie enters the...
  6. mjt57

    Jetstar MEL-HNL: What's it Like?

    Missus has booked us on flights to Hawaii on Jetstar. I think that we're flying on a B787 but I don't know for sure. If so, what is Jetstar's version of the Dreamliner like for long haul flights? I know that its A320s are a little short of miserable, particularly the longer flights. I hope that...
  7. mjt57

    Entering the US (LAX) with US Citizen - which line to use

    My wife, a US citizen, and I are going to the US next week for a holiday and to visit family. I understand that when entering the US that US citizens go through one line and foreign visitors go through another. As I'm travelling with my wife am I able to clear customs and immigration with her...
  8. mjt57

    United Airlines B777 Seating - How good is it?

    We're flying to the US in July. Apparently UAL is now operating, or will be operating B777s and retiring its B744s. Last year we flew to London with Emirates. Two sectors were on B777s and a more miserable trip could not be had, I reckon. So, I'm afraid that UAL's B777s may be the same, at...
  9. mjt57

    Min Transfer time MEL-LAX-JFK

    We're flying to New York in July. Before booking our tickets we're trying to find out what the minimum time should be allowed between arrival and departure in LA. My wife is a US citizen so she will get through customs and immigration faster than I, who will be flying on my Australian...
  10. mjt57

    Carry On Baggage Allowances - Virgin Atlantic and Emirates

    On the weekend we're travelling to London with Emirates. Then 3 weeks later we're travelling LHR-JFK-LHR with Virgin Atlantic. It's my first big trip in a while, so we've been doing the usual research. What I found about carryon baggage puzzles me. Emirates has one set of sizes or limits for...
  11. mjt57

    Personal medical equipment as carry on baggage with Jetstar?

    Just wondering what Jetstar's rules are regarding taking medical equipment, in this case, a CPAP machine, on board as carry on luggage. Does Jetstar give you an allowance for it outside of the carry on allowance or do they include it with your total allowance (10kg according to the website)? I...
  12. mjt57

    Emirates B777 Seating Question?

    We're flying MEL-DXB-LHR in May 13. The first leg is on a B777-300ER. The seating map shows my wife and I in a two seat arrangement. I'm wondering, what will be next to us that has us in two seats instead of sharing a 3 seat setup with someone else? The same is for an A380 that we fly on from...
  13. mjt57

    Advance Bookings With Jetstar Domestic?

    We want to fly to SYD from MEL in Feb 2013. Is it worth my while buying the tickets now or waiting and purchasing closer to when we need to travel? It's not so much the cost of tickets (getting cheaper or more expensive) changing between now and then that's a concern, rather, the flights being...