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    Amex annual fee refund delay

    Hi all, was just wondering, how long does it usually take for Amex to refund an annual fee? Card was cancelled October, and they said remaining balance of annual fee would be refunded. No response/refund for a few months - online chat at end of December, said they would follow up. To this day...
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    Qantas or Virgin? (mostly interstate travel)

    Hello AFF Community, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've currently taken up a new job where I'll be flying a bit (details below). Prior to this, I've aligned myself with Virgin Airlines ie. personal expenses via an Amex Platinum Edge (primary) and Virgin Velocity (secondary) credit cards...
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    Hello All

    Hello all, Been around for a bit but haven't been very active. I have an AMEX Platinum Edge and Velocity Flyer VISA (for all non-Amex expenses). I'd like to get maximum bang for buck so any thoughts/pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. KR nitsujay