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    when will international redemption resume

    Virgin made the call to resume the velocity redemption for international flights. Now that the transfer of ownership has completed, when will we be allowed to use the points for international flights?
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    amex platinum charge spending power reduced over time

    hey guys, came across this strange situation in the last week or so. As you know, with the double points have been trying to max the points balance, i was able to spend up to $190k about a month ago but since last week, I have noticed that the spending power has reduced quite significantly...
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    anz black qantas points

    My statement for the anz black qantas card was issued on 15th March but the points are still not yet landed in my account. It used to take up to 1 day only. I know it's only been 2 days but i wanted to check if any other people have similar issues this month
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    Another devaluation for Asia Miles

    It seems Asia Miles have quietly increased the points required for partner airlines in the last couple of month without any warning or notice. For example, a business class from Sydney to Tokyo now costs 61100 points as opposed to 50,000 points a few months back. This is a further devaluation...
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    Qantas International first class lounge on Hawaiian Airline

    Got an odd question hoping someone could answer. I will be flying Hawaiian Airline business class from Sydney and they provide access to Qantas business class lounge. However I am a qantas platinum member so does it give me lounge access upgrade to first class lounge in this case? A bit of a...
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    Emirates to USA business or first class

    I have been trying to book 2 business or first class flights to new york from sydney with Emirates but it's just not coming up at all via qantas frequent flyer website. I am sure i have searched this before and it was available. Emirates business/ first class to Europe are still coming up. Does...
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    Qantas new website messed up?

    have any of you noticed that you can not check the points activity on the new qantas frequent website. It just keeps on taking you back to the home page
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    ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure 40,000 velocity points; 1 domestic return flights

    New Offer by ANZ - $225 Yearly Fee - To be eligible for all the included bonuses you must spend $500 in the first 3 months on eligible purchases FEATURES: - No...