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    Velocity website down

    Errr...they don't have an "Indian" call centre.
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    Flight time changes - Ability to change to another flight easily

    FOC for schedule changes made by the airline.
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    Virgin forcing me to change my itinerary due to SYD-OOL (via MEL) for SC run

    So, if you were a passenger, you would be much happier to know that your flight was cancelled on the day of travel than before?
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    Delayed Flight, reimbursement for expenses.

    I booked with TID for an overseas trip recently and they specifically told me that any delays and cancellations that were due to the airline's fault was not covered by them; I did look at a few other insurance companies and they were all the same.
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    Move to Sabre - what can we expect to see improved?

    Yup. Retrieving bookings made on VA's partners, claiming points will become easier.
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    New Virgin Platinum Phone Service

    There is one based in AKL, but they only take calls for non-status members.
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    New Virgin Kiosk

    I think OOL had this implemented a few days ago?
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    Virgin and Velocity websites - enough is enough

    It's back online again, *here's hoping that my points have magically quadrupled*
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    DJ Boarding System Problems

    They will be switching in Jan 2013.
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    DJ Boarding System Problems

    According to Navitaire , Qantas and Qantas link also use it :shock:
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    DJ Boarding System Problems

    I've been told that the Navitare data center is having issues and a few other carriers are also affected (not sure who else apart from Virgin, Jetstar use Naivtare)
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    Filling the plane from the front or back?

    This might help:
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    Booking and Service Fee Change [Flat rate per PAX per booking]

    Re: Booking and Service Fee Change [- Flat rate per booking per pax] Call the GCC, they will honor the internet fares as you are unable to do this online.
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    Anyone else frustrated with retro claims?? I've been waiting 10 months!!

    I have a SIN-BNE flight (SQ) coming up shortly, it will be interesting to see how long this might take. Any wagers for <6 months?
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Doesn't matter what the device is because they will be applying a custom skin/app on it that prevents normal users from accessing the true OS underneath.
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    Etihad instant upgrade earn rate for virgin Australia

    Most of these issues will be fixed once both VA and Etihad move to Sabre early next year.
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    The Non-Flexible Flexi Fare

    Yes you can change your flights (provided they are on the same route) over and over again. But do keep in mind that you have to pay any difference in fare.
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    Stripped of 2 boarding passes, Lied to and downgraded to Economy! All in one night.

    Re: Stripped of 2 boarding passes, Lied to and downgraded to Economy! All in one nigh Staff can't book J on domestic routes. They are also not allowed to sit in J (even if J is completely empty).