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    Air France and KLM awards on the way?

    Just did a search for award availability for CDG-LIS (for travel on 1 September), and since this afternoon Air France and KLM options have appeared. Currently I can't choose them and proceed to the next screen (it errors out). Further searches (e.g. CDG-HKG) show the same. Not sure if it's...
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    Using Qantas points for JAL domestic business

    On the Qantas website, you can book classic awards with Japan’s Airlines on domestic routes (e.g. HND-CTS), which gives heaps of availability in both economy and what is marked ‘business’. The same flights, when sold as revenue fares on the Japan Airlines website are marketed as having three...
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    Being bumped - less obvious downside of award bookings

    Late last year I was booked into business with QF on MEL-ADL using BA Avios, and was downgraded at the gate to economy, being left to chase up a refund for the difference with British Airways. In my most recent booking, my partner and I were bumped from a MEL-CNS QF flight the night before...
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    Hilton Macquarie Card Discontinued 1 May 2019.

    I just received an email: “We’re getting in touch to let you know that from 1 May 2019, your Hilton Honors® Macquarie Platinum Credit Card will no longer be affiliated with the Hilton Honors Program. The good news is that your card will be replaced with the Macquarie Rewards Black Credit Card...
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    NAB Qantas Premium - additional card number

    Hi Wondering if anyone has an additional card attached to their NAB credit card (also known as supplementary card). If so, is the number of the additional card different to the main card, or the same? Thank you for any responses.
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    1,000 free AAdvantage miles - AAdvantage University (US residents only)

    From Onemileatatime: Learn more about the American Airlines AAdvantage® program and earn up to 1,000 bonus miles. Plus, you could win two First Class round-trip tickets to anywhere we fly. Reach your goal quicker with AAdvantage® University, where you’ll find everything you need to know about...
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    Add flight to AAdvantage booking

    Hi I am hoping someone has experience with a similar situation to this. I currently have an AA award booked for NRT-SYD-MEL on JL for next year. We will now actually be coming from ICN beforehand. Because ICN and NRT are in the same award zone, I know the extra ICN-NRT flight can be added...
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    Booking mistake by AAgent

    I gave my mother some of the advice I'd learned on these forums to assist her with buying and redeeming AA miles for her 50th birthday Europe trip in J. However, even though the booking was made last July, she has only just noticed that there was a fairly significant mistake in the booking for...
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    Target - spend $50 get $10 statement credit - expires 28 Feb 14

    Spend $50, get $10 credit per card at Target- Amex promotion, available to all the Big 4 and Amex-issued cards. Good for a Coles Myer gift card if nothing else! :-) Spend by 28 Feb 14, first 10 000 cards.
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    Hobart QP close time

    Hi, Many thanks to everyone on the site for their excellent advice. I'm looking at taking a JQ flight from HBA to MEL leaving around 8pm. The last QF departure I can find for that day is 16:50. From others' real world experiences, does the Club actually close at the time of the last QF...
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    QF metal on BA codeshare

    Hello, My apologies if this has been asked before. I am flying MEL-SIN on QF35, which I booked through the British Airways site as BA7309. I have two booking references, one which lists the flight under the QF number and the other under the BA. I am a QP member with no status. Do you think...
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    When is $25 seat selection fee debited?

    Hi, I would appreciate anyone else's experience with the Advance Seat Selection Feature. I am QC Bronze member and so need to pay $25 for advance seat selection, which after previous experience with my partner and I being allocated seats away from each other at T-24 I am keen to do. I...
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    Same booking not seated together

    Hi and thank you for any help in advance. My partner and I are travelling SYD-HNL on QF3 tomorrow evening on the same booking. We are both NB QFF, although I have been a QP member for a couple of years now. I have just gone to check in to our MEL-SYD flight as it opens within 24 hours and...
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    Age surcharge

    Hi, Does anyone know a way to hire a car and not pay the age surcharge? I'm 23. Not sure if it is possible! Thanks for any help
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    QF and Air Tahiti Nui

    Hi everyone, apologies if this has been addressed before. I am planning a trip later this year SYD-PPT-IPC-PPT-SYD. Would I be eligible to earn QF points and status flying Tahiti Nui for the SYD-PPT leg? I recall seeing mention of an affiliation between QF and TN on the website of some...