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    Westpac altitude black - switching rewards programs

    H there, has anyone switched between reward programs, for example from the QF Altitude Black to the Velocity one and back? I could use a month or two of Velocity points but don't want to go through the hassle of getting a second card. Thanks! :)
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    Notification of duplicate bookings on same day

    Hi there, I have a whole bunch of flexible, covid impacted bookings that I hope to use at some point in the future. Now for the first time I have received an email notification advising me that I have a duplicate booking on the same day. Not for travel on the same flight, just on the same day...
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    Cocos and Christmas Islands - How much time

    Hi there, looking to book a 10 day trip to Cocos and Christmas Islands. Given the flight schedules, its a 4:7 night split for either destination. What would you recommend? Looking for quiet and relaxing time, with a little swimming and snorkeling. Thanks! :)
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    Changed baggage allowance QantasLink?

    Hi there, just booked a couple of Fokker100 QFLink Flights. Checked baggage allowance shows as 1 piece (I am WP). Now I have taken these exact flights previously and checked more than 1 bag - is this a display error or have they changed the allowance? Weirdly it gives me the option of...
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    SQ212 via ASP and DRW

    Hi there, just noticed SQ212 en route from SYD to SIN with stops in ASP and DRW. Anyone knows why? Repatriation flight? Cheers!
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    Hertz PC - Additional Driver Free?

    Hi there, Is an additional driver free for PC Members in Australia? The website only mentions the US these days - has anyone actually had to pay for this in AU? Thanks!
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    Classic reward routing rules

    Hi there, I couldn't find any definitive rules regarding maximum segments etc. for classic rewards. I know stopovers aren't allowed but how much "sense" does the routing have to make? Say if I want to fly NYC-LAX-SYD, which is 9950 miles. and costs 128k points in J (9601 - 15000 miles). Could...
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    Booking classic reward on PX and FJ

    Hi there, currently planning a little Oceania / Micronesia trip and looking at various destinations. According to the Qantas website, Classic Reward flights are available for international flights on PX and FJ, however a lot of destinations (TKK/AWP/CXI etc) don't even come up in the online...
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    Last minute cancellation of classic reward

    Hi all, am I interpreting the cancellation rules for classic reward flights correctly and that I can cancel my flight up to the time and date of departure? I currently have 2 bookings (NRT-BNE-CNS) and (HND-SYD-CNS) for the same date. I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to catch the flight from...
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    How early can I check bags domestically?

    Hi there, I will be arriving early into MEL from an international flight and plan to have a day in the office before heading on to SYD. Can I drop off my checked luggage at the domestic checkin in the morning even though my flight isn't until the evening? Thanks!
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    Rebooked on JQ - experiences?

    Hi there, Apologies for sounding entitled and I know this is a first world problem but it’s been a long day. So my QF flight to OOL via MEL was cancelled and I have been rebooked on the direct flight on JQ. Now while I appreciate getting home, my 4A has turned into a middle seat and all the...
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    East Timor - whats going on?

    Hi there, I noticed that Dili (DIL) disappeared from several booking engines. For example I can book flights to DIL on but not from. It doesn't even come up as an option. QF370 (DIL-DRW) is still flying though and can be booked as part of a return and as a OW via OTAs. Much of...
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    Question around Loyalty Bonus and bonus SCs

    Hi there, have a bit of an unusual question: My qualifying period ends in December. I need to book a flight between 26-29/12 and have just received an offer for an additional 50% SC that I could use. In addition I am due the loyalty bonus after this trip. Taking all this into account, I can...
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    Cancelling Red e-Deal

    Hi there, just trying to work out my options here. I understand that when I cancel a red e-deal fare prior to the day of departure I will receive a voucher and when using it the $99 change fee will be charged. So will the voucher be for the full amount paid or excluding taxes? For example, if I...
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    When will the annual fee be charged?

    Hi there, I have a Signature Visa, opened June 15th. Statement cutoff date is June 4th. Will the annual fee be charged on the day of the anniversary or do I need to cancel before the June billing cycle starts? Thanks!
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    Holding multiple Citi Cards

    Hi there, I currently hold the Signature Visa, applied under a previous Bonus Points offer. Now my annual fee is due soon and there currently is an offer for 50k Qantas points and reduced annual fee. For various reasons I would like to hold on to the card, but not at $395. Assuming I won't...
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    Problems booking Qantas reward flight

    Hi there, I am having a bit of trouble trying to book a QF flight via the Skywards redemption search: A lot of destinations are simply unavailable in the Airport search, for example BNE-WLG, BNE-HBA etc. Does this have to do with there being no direct EK or QF service? However, if I for...
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    Skipping legs on Air Asia flight

    Hi there, I noticed that Air Asia often sells flights via KUL that are cheaper than flying to KUL, for example OOL-KUL-PVG is cheaper than OOL-KUL on a given date. Has anyone tried skipping legs on a return booking, so just using the legs from and to KUL? Given their fare structure I don't...
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    Digital Departure Card at BNE

    Hi there, not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but Brisbane Airport lets you create a digital departure card via their App. Once you have entered your details, you scan the QR code at the machines before security and immigration and it will print out a departure card for you. Used this for...
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    Air Berlin Topbonus Benefits on VA International

    Hi there, I have been struggling to find a definitive answer on either AB or VA websites. Do Air Berlin Golds get extra luggage allowance on international Virgin Australia flights? More specifically, could one book a trans Tasman fare without included luggage and receive one checked bag? Thanks!