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  1. QF029

    Selling Wine Recommendations

    I have about 5 dozen bottles I want to unload as I'm relocating and don't want to take them with me. They're nothing fancy, maybe $25 a bottle on average. Any suggestions for the best way to sell them without a liquor licence? I assume one of the wine auctions is the way to go but not sure...
  2. QF029

    Suggestions for 4 squiggles ex MEL

    I'm heading overseas in a month for an extended period and need to get 4 squiggles before I go. I have considered flying QF out of Ausralia but I think I'd prefer to do an award booking on CX (to the USA). Any suggestions for the most cost effective options are appreciated. I'd prefer not to...
  3. QF029

    Fake Qantas FB Page & Promo

    I'm pretty sure this is fake given the page is sparse and only just been set up. Red Roo you might want to follow this up.
  4. QF029

    Jetstar International Online Check In Trial (MEL)

    According to ABT, JQ flights from MEL to BKK and HKT now allow online check in with no checked baggage. It's on valid for point to point with no domestic tag sectors. Skip the check-in queues on Jetstar international flights - Australian Business Traveller
  5. QF029

    AirNZ To USA From $940

    I noticed this over at OzBargain. Pricing and availability seems very good. Get $200 off return flights to the USA - Air New Zealand - Australia Site Does anyone know if a travel agent could tack QF107/108 on the itinerary to get to NYC? Edit: As per the OzBargain comments it's even cheaper...
  6. QF029

    First Class A380 Boarding

    I'm curious how this works. Do Y and F pax use the same door on the lower level? If so what's to stop you getting stuck in a big line waiting to board? Is the trick to board at first call or final call?
  7. QF029

    MEL F Early Check In Experiences

    I think it would be useful to keep a record of board members' experiences checking in prior to 3 hours at the MEL F check in. Please include flight number, date, scheduled departure time and check in time. Flight: QF93 Date: April 2012 SDT: 9:35 Check In: 6:05 F check in was closed when I...
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    Qantas trials 'all day check-in' for international flights

    I just noticed this interesting article on AusBT. Qantas trials 'all day check-in' for international flights - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business Traveller Qantas is trialling an early check-in system at Sydney Airport which will let passengers arrive for...
  9. QF029

    Combined FASA/JASA Not Possible?

    I tried to book via the call centre a combined FASA MEL-LAX and JASA LAX-JFK but was told the fare basis of the cash fare made this not possible and I'd have to book the second part as a classic award. Has anyone been able to do this? perhaps I just got an agent who wasn't sure how it's done...
  10. QF029

    Jetstar Sydney Transfer T2 to T1

    I've had a search here and also on FT. Are the only realistic options train or taxi? I'm assuming you're not allowed on the QF bus from T3?
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    MEL-LAX FASA The Long Way

    I'm considering MEL-LAX for a FASA next year. Have many board members done this and gone via Sydney (QF11) for the extra SC's and longer time in the F lounge? I thinking of connecting to SFO seeing as though the points cost no more and I could do the coastal drive back to LA and pick up even...
  12. QF029

    Simon Hackett (Internode) Trip Report

    As some of you would be aware, Simon's company (Internode) was bought out by iiNet which has funded his purchase of a Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. His personal blog Simon Hackett | Thoughts from the field gives a bit of background and is an entertaining trip report of his travels from Switzerland...
  13. QF029

    Your chance to upgrade to Business with Qantas

    I just received this email for a forthcoming trip booked into N class. Limited time offer: Request an upgrade on your upcoming flight Normally not all fare types allow you to register for your chance to receive an upgrade using your Qantas Frequent Flyer points, however for a limited time...
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    NYC Award Advice

    So I've traded in my Dividend Miles points to visit NYC for 11 nights around New Year. There are a few reasons I picked this time of year - easy to take leave, Christmas / NY in NYC is on the bucket list (well technically I'll miss Christmas but all the decorations etc will still be up). And...
  15. QF029

    Hilton's "Double Your Hhonors" PROMO Q2 2012

    I just saw this on FB. Sign up for the Double Your HHonors promotion and you can choose to earn Double Points or Double Miles when you stay at any participating hotel and resort in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio by June 30, 2012. Whether you’re craving a lazy weekend by the pool or people...
  16. QF029

    What Is Your Double Dip Earning Style?

    I'm curious as to what AFF'ers have selected for their HHonors Double Dip earning preference. Obviously things vary according to stay patterns, how you value points etc but what is yours set to?
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    'New Posts' Search Does Not Include All Posts?

    I routinely click on 'New Posts' each time I open AFF to scan what may be of interest since my last visit. Posts where I am the last poster don't show up (I would prefer they did but no big deal). However posts from various forums eg Hilton often don't show up and I have to manually check each...
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    Transferring QF Int to AA Dom Different PNR - A Few Questions

    I'm travelling with 2 others QF93 on 2 different PNRs (MEL-LAX). Originally we were going to drive LAX-SFO but have decided to fly. Are there any specific things to look out for when booking a 'connecting' flight through Such as: - All 3 US tickets will be booked in one additional...
  19. QF029

    Diamond Benefits For Guests (With Diamond not staying).

    I'd like to book a night at HSW for my parents without me staying and have them receive the Diamond bells and whistles without paying the standard rate. If I check in and give them the room key would that work? I have no idea if they'd get queried at the lounge because of an age discrepancy...
  20. QF029

    MEL F Lounge Additional (Second) Guest

    I'm flying MEL-LAX with my parents next year in J. I'd love to guest both into the F lounge but obviously I am only guaranteed that one will get it. My plan is to walk ahead after customs and very politely ask if they can both come in. I'm well aware that the answer may be 'no' however I'm...