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  1. maccaisking

    2019/20 NFL Thread

    Last season an NFL thread was running so I thought I would kick one off for this season. Not a great start to the year so far - 3 weeks of pre-season football have been 2 weeks too much for me and there is still another one to go. Even more painful is that ESPN almost certainly won’t be showing...
  2. maccaisking

    Status run fail! [nearly]

    I had the below happen today. I’m glad I can laugh about it! I took my first status run to reach VA plat, needing 3 sectors and 21 status credits by Sunday to get there. I booked MEL - LST - MEL - ADL paid, and a business reward seat home from ADL - MEL as a present for all of my hard work...
  3. maccaisking

    A380 F vs 787 J

    Hi all, I am plannng a USA trip using points in Jan next year, and wondered whether people recommend travelling in F on an A380 or J on a 787. Specifically I am interested in thoughts on the onboard product. Does the menu, extra space, experience, etc of the older plane beat being in a lower...
  4. maccaisking

    MEL - HKG moves to daily 11am flights

    I was looking to book a WP guaranteed family reward trip from SYD - HKG on Wednesday 2 January next year. I am in MEL but was happy to fly to SYD as I preferred the daytime flight outbound, and Melbourne doesn't have a Wednesday service. When checking flights today, I found VA69 on Wednesday 2...
  5. maccaisking

    Upgrading and Requalifying Platinum One Week Apart

    Our family of four has an upcoming return trip to China via Singapore in business, which will earn sufficient SC to upgrade my wife to Platinum on the way over. I understand it will take a few days for these SC to post, and then a few more days for review before status is confirmed. My...