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  1. kpc

    Extension of travel credit

    I have a $200 travel credit expiring 7 August 2021, and with Sydney's extended lockdown, really have nothing to book....any one have experience as to whether Amex will extend the expiry date? Thanks
  2. kpc

    How to prevent AVIOS from expiring

    I have 55K AVIOS expiring within 5 months...been keeping them for a rainy day :) Apart from redeeming a QF flight or buying AVIOS, any suggestions for an easy and cheap way to keep my AVIOS from expring? thanks
  3. kpc

    Virgin travel credit expiry date [Booked with ANZ Rewards via Amex travel]

    I have a Virgin travel credit due to the cancellation of my Syd-Bne return flight in May this year due to covid. I was given a travel credit stating it had to be used by 31 Dec 2020. I was just told it had been extended to mid next year and there was no need to rush to this correct...
  4. kpc

    All International Arrivals into Australia to self isolate for 14 days

    Currently being announced by PM...
  5. kpc

    MCT at Addis Ababa flying Ethiopian

    My transit time in Add in November has been reduced to 45 mins (previously 90 mins) due to a schedule change on the 2nd sector, travelling ET in J on both legs: Cpt-Add(ET 846)-Kgl (ET 821). MCT at ADD for I/I on ET is an incredible 20 mins if it can be believed according to...
  6. kpc

    Free NZ sim card expires 14 Jan 20

    Anyone going to NZ in the next week or so? I have a NZ Sim card (2 degrees) that expires on 14 Jan with approx 700 Mb data and ~ 120 minutes of free calls to NZ /Aust numbers left. Happy to post it to you tomorrow (Mon) for free by standard post if you can use it If more than 1 request posted...
  7. kpc

    How to stop Hyatt points from expiring?

    I have 4,838 Hyatt points expring on 31st Dec. Any cheap ways to keep them from expiring? thanks
  8. kpc

    Sq interline with another *Alliance partner on separrate PNRs @dajop posted in the above thread in June 2017 that; "As it currently stands, SQ do allow through checking of baggage - even on separate tickets - to...
  9. kpc

    Wilson Parking ending relationship with Velocity May 30th

    Obviously the Recent Xmas bonus didn't go down well with one, or both parties!
  10. kpc

    Getting from Syd to Kef return in J using Sq pts

    Just doing some forward planing for the middle of next year. Trying to get 1 (possibly 2 seats) in J from Syd to Kef next year. Can use Sq points to fly Sq to Muc, Fra then Lh to Kef but LH awards do not show up on Sq website. Do I need to ring Sq for LH awards? Another possible routing is Sq to...
  11. kpc

    Seats 11, 91 and 96 D, F (J seats) on new SQ A380 Layout

    In September, I and +1 will be on the new A380 SQ in J....trying to get 11, 91 or 96 D, F seats as these are the ones that can be converted into a double bed ;)....they are all free atm, and when I rang Sq (can't choose them online), I was told they were blocked as they are also the bassinet...
  12. kpc

    Value of KrisFlyer mile?

    Just wondering how the AFF gurus value a KrisFlyer mile. I often hear and see people valuing it more than QF / VA but just wondering how others value a KrisFlyer mile. I personally value it between 2 and 3 cents per mile. On that note, would you buy (legitimately of course) KrisFlyer miles at...
  13. kpc

    Potential changes to QF awards - amount of points and cash needed, & number of award seats released

    Thoughts? Just received a survey from Qantas: "Qantas is considering making changes to our classic flight rewards in order to better address the needs of our customers. These changes will include changes to the number of points required to get to different destinations, as well as to the...
  14. kpc

    Krakow, Warsaw and....

    Next September I will be in Krakow for 4 days for a conference and i have already read @Mattg 's excellent guide: Quick guide to Krakow, Poland and @RooFlyer 's excellent TR: More Central and Eastern European bling (incl Transylvania); *A flights, Accor hotels The Q is I have 7 days free prior...
  15. kpc

    Wow!!.....Syd-Lhr rtn on Sq in Y: $1270

    Times must be tough even for Sq to have to discount so heavily!
  16. kpc

    Sq /Lh Award booking Q...

    Went to book Syd-Sin-Fra (Sq J) - Krw (Lh J). Can't do it online but can see Sq J Syd-Sin-Fra and Lh J Fra-Krw are available separately. Rang Sq and they can book Syd-Sin-Fra in Sq J but only Fra- Krw in Lh Y. When I asked why I can see Fra-Krw in Lh J available online, they said that is only...
  17. kpc

    Melbourne Dinner Fri 24th August - 7pm @ "The Olive Tree"

    I and my better 1/2 will be in Melbourne this weekend staying at the Double Tree. Just seeing if any of the locals would like to catchup for dinner on Friday 24th August say 7-730pm somewhere...
  18. kpc

    Sydney dinner Wednesday 18th July

    @Aeolus is in Sydney again so we are going to have an informal catchup and dinner in Sydney on Wed 18th July at 7pm. Venue to be decided but it will be in the CBD or close by. Please post whether you can make it or not :). Suggestions for dinner also welcome :) Confirmed attendees @Aeolus @kpc...
  19. kpc

    RIP Pooch...

    I'm very sad to report that Pooch aka as Robyn, a long time AFF and FT member passed away over the weekend: FlyerTalk Forums - View Single Post - Oz Fest 16 Sydney, NSW, Australia. USA Memorial Day Weekend May 24 to May 26, 2019 She hinted at her poor health here in 2015: Travel insurance with...
  20. kpc

    Bankwest Qantas World MC

    The Bankwest Qantas World MC earms 0.66 QF pts per S spent (Qantas Mastercard® | Frequent Flyer Rewards | Bankwest ). On my last statement, I only earned 0.5 QF pts per $ spent. Anyone else in the same boat? Is it a glitch or has the points earn changed without me knowing?