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    A recent discovery - Qantas FF and Cathay Asia Miles

    I recently wanted to book a points flight in First or Business on CX from JFK -> HKG. I went onto the QF website and all that was available was Economy. I called QF and got the same result. So I thought I would try something - I joined Asia Miles and looked for the same flights - and guess what...
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    Who has the best / worst first class ?

    I recently travelled on BA from LHR->HKG in BA's NEW first class. Boy are BA a long way behind their competitors. The seats are early 2000's style, the food has no flair or interest, the entertainment system is out of the 1950's - I really pitied the poor guys that had to deliver this awful...
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    Free internet in hotels

    There is movement to free internet in the upmarket hotels. Up to now, many hotel groups have seen this as a revenue raiser. Some however have finally realised they are pissing of clients. Shangrila has recently introduced free wired or wireless internet in all rooms in all hotels. Starwood...
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    Qantas "New" First Class

    Had the distinct displeasure to travel in the new (world's stingiest) Qantas first class from MEL->SIN. First, thought we would get to the new Melbourne first class lounge to check out all it had to offer. Took an hour for 4 of us to have lunch. The service was exceptionally poor (but then I...
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    Why do businesses screw their best cutomers ?

    Let me explain. QF I am a Qantas Platinum FF. Call to book a domestic flight they now want to charge me a "booking fee". If I book on the web there is no fee BUT the QF website won't even let me book a simple ticket like MEL->SYD->BRI->MEL. I need to book 3 separate tickets. Surely...
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    Changes to Australian hotels

    Has anyone else noticed the changes in hotel management over the past few months ? The Sheraton in Brisbane has become a Sofitel (Sofitel = sh.. hotel). This used to be a great hotel - it is not any more. I am told the Marriott in Brisbane is good. The Novotel in Brisbane certainly is not...