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  1. Tiki

    High cost of calls to the UAE

    This is nuts! Since when? I was in Dubai in Feb 2020 and used WhatsApp although with wifi since Vodafone $5 roaming doesn't work in Dubai. Maybe because I was using an Aussie phone and not a UAE purchased phone?
  2. Tiki

    Maximizing Large Reno Payment

    I have having a renovation on my house done that will cost over $14,000. Technically I can pay cash but I am wondering how to best maximize it for points. I can't get new credit cards based on my low (but very well managed) income. And I am retired. Otherwise I would use it to make minimum...
  3. Tiki

    Giving $30 Hotel birthday voucher to friend overseas

    I have one of those $30 hotel birthday vouchers that I can't use because of coronavirus. It expires 31 March. I have a friend in Turkey who has been doing business trips (which is still allowed) in Turkey. I would like to give him my $30 voucher which amounts to around 112 TRY which is a free...
  4. Tiki

    Finding partner PNR#s on AA award booking

    It seems AA has changed the format of their website and I can't find details about my award which involves QR and QF. I got the e-ticket number from an email. But when I put this into QR Manage my booking it won't load. They ask for my email and phone and I put it in and get error messages. I...
  5. Tiki

    Watching GoT S08 overseas

    I booked a trip to Rarotonga and Samoa for next month and just realized that I will be in Raro for episode 5 and AKL airport while episode 6 is being aired. I subscribe to Foxtel and have the Foxtel Go app but apparently you can't use it overseas. What are my options to see the episodes...
  6. Tiki

    Transfer Bonus to SQ from Amex?

    In view of the upcoming devaluation I will probably transfer most of my points to SQ. I remember every once in awhile there would be like 10% transfer bonuses. When was the last time this happened? I need to assess whether to use the 15% bonus to Velocity or transfer to SQ. This card is my...
  7. Tiki

    No award space in QF 27 SYD-SCL for a whole year?

    This is crazy! I do periodic dummy runs as I need to book this segment for real in a few months for the 2018 trip and there are no seats in any class, not even economy! They have some seats on LA800 but I much prefer the QF flight. I don't have status on QF if this makes any difference...
  8. Tiki

    40% off Asia/Pacific Sale on though 20-26 Feb

    Special offer hotel offer, travel goals, 1 million Rewards points up for grabs I just booked Adelaide and I could use my points as well!
  9. Tiki

    Moving up departure on award flight

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this. It is an AAdvantage award on QR & QF routing WDH-DOH-ADL-BNE in J. We have an overnight layover in DOH which is cool as we get some time to see the city. Onward, we originally had a 90 minute connection in ADL to the QF flight to BNE. QR had a schedule...
  10. Tiki

    DFAT "Reconsider your need to travel" - Ethiopia

    We have a trip to Africa coming up soon and we usually use Insure and Go because of my husband's pre-existing conditions (gout, diabetes 2 controlled by pills). I see that they don't cover travel to countries DFAT lists as "Reconsider your need to travel". We only have 4 days in Ethiopia, 2 of...
  11. Tiki

    Minor sched change on DL flight - Velocity takes booking offline

    We have a redemption flight using Velocity points on a DL segment. I just got an email stating: Dear Mr Tiki We have attempted to contact you multiple times regarding changes on your redemption flight with booking reference number xx_xx_. We are sorry to advise you that your Delta Air...
  12. Tiki

    Slow posting of partner flights-AY

    Our last Finnair flight was on 4 Aug and none of them have posted yet. won't accept a request for missing mileage yet (less than 2 weeks), just wondering if they are chronically slow in posting? The LA and AA flights posted within a couple days, so did the QF codeshare on JL. Also...
  13. Tiki

    New candy thief on the block!

    08/02/07GOLD CHALLENGE BONUS-REG MBR086386308/02/07AMERICAN AIRLINES 100 Y JFK LHR3,45203,45208/01/07AMERICAN AIRLINES 950 Y GIG JFK4,78604,78607/20/07LANPERU 605 Y LIM GRU2,16002,16007/12/07LAN AIRLINES 834 Y IPC SCL2,33702,33707/12/07LAN AIRLINES 632 Y SCL LIM1,52401,52407/09/07LAN AIRLINES...
  14. Tiki

    Online Check-in QF with AA tickets

    Believe it or not, I have never flown QF domestically before! :oops: We are flying QF BNE-SYD and QF codeshare on TN SYD-PPT. Apparently I can't book seats in advance on the domestic sector unless I use online check in. I realize I can't check in online for the TN sector. Also, I have a...
  15. Tiki

    MP award to RAR on NZ

    Next month we will be within the 330 days from travel date to book the MP award BNE RAR. Just wondering what the taxes are running if anyone has done this recently?
  16. Tiki

    Lonely Planet author is on Temptation quiz show!

    I was channel surfing and about to pass this one when they introduced Richard Plunkett as one of the contestants! He wrote or co-wrote Dubai, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Bangladesh and a bunch of other guides. He's in the lead right now-go Richard!!!
  17. Tiki

    Brazil visas from SYD for QLD people

    Has anyone who doesn't live in Sydney gotten their Brazil visas there? Just wondering if you used courier or Expresspost? Since it involves sending our passports I am nervous about the post but I am aware that customer service isn't a high priority with consulat staff and was worried if they...
  18. Tiki

    Does using two passports look really dodgy?

    We are both dual citizens-me AU/US, my husband AU/NZ. I am planning to use my Aussie passport for everything except entering the USA where I HAVE to use the US passport. My husband was going to use his Aussie passport for the whole trip. I just found out that NZ citizens don't need a visa...
  19. Tiki

    Gold challenge this year, Platinum next year?

    There have been so many changes, I want to be sure this is still doable? We have an easy Gold challenge in July with some 8000ish points on AA metal GIG-JFK-LFR. Next year, we will have an easy Platinum challenge using AA codeshare on QF metal to the USA. I just want to make sure that they...
  20. Tiki

    Timeline on purchasing AA tickets via the call centre

    Can someone explain in exact detail (version for blondes) the timeline from when you first call up the AA Indian call centre to pay for a ticket to when the CC gets charged to when the ticket arrives on your doorstep? I am cutting it very close using the Amex provided they will let me prepay...