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  1. Baysider

    SIM Card with Data for Philippines

    Thought I'd pass this on to the group. If you have a smart phone (Android or iPhone) you can use tethering to share the internet connection with other devices. Pick up a Globe SIM card for 40 pesos ($1) and you can buy recharge cards for 100 pesos ($2.50), or higher amounts. Add the recharge...
  2. Baysider

    Prospect of Purchasing Upgrade on Hawaiian BNE to HNL

    We're looking at options for BNE to HNL (return) in April. I've heard you can sometimes purchase an upgrade from Y to J during OLCI. Has anybody had experience of this, and does anyone have any thoughts on the prospects? Is there much difference in Y between Hawaiian and JetStar ?
  3. Baysider

    JASA with Jetstar

    I'm considering booking award flights to HNL (probably ex SYD or MEL) with JetStar. I've never booked a JASA - can it be done with JetStar? The option does not seem to be provided on the QF website. Have also looked at AA miles for HNL to BNE with Hawaiian but it always says J is unavailable ??
  4. Baysider

    Obtaining Hong Kong Sevens Tickets?

    Has anyone ever been to the Hong Kong Sevens and got tickets without purchasing a package deal? It seems that the only way you can get tickets in Australia is to buy a complete package of flights, hotel and event tickets from one of a small number of authorised agents. I'd like to book my...
  5. Baysider

    Redemption for Australian Domestic Flights

    I can't seem to find options to redeem Skywards miles for domestic flights on the Skywards website - am I missing something?
  6. Baysider

    Earn Miles on Etihad ?

    Could someone please confirm that travel with Etihad ex Australia will earn AAdvantage miles?
  7. Baysider

    Earth Black free with Premier Advantage

    If you are a Westpac Premier Advantage customer you can now have the Earth Black Mastercard + Amex with the $395 annual fee waived. Provides Qantas Frequentflyer membership for free if you don't have it, and some nice earn rates, 0.625 points to the $ using the Mastercard and 1.5 points to the...
  8. Baysider

    Options for Brisbane to Kiev (Ukraine) late August

    My partner and 2 companions are looking at travelling from Brisbane to Kiev return for 2-3 weeks from mid August 2013. They would like to keep fares to a minimum but without excessively long transit stops. Any suggestions?
  9. Baysider

    Seat Selection on Thai when ticketed via Turkish Airlines codeshare ?

    I will be flying with Thai from BKK to BNE - it's a codeshare operated by Thai but ticketed as Turkish Airlines. I cannot find a way to do seat selection via either the Turkish Airlines or Thai Airways websites. Does anyone have experience of how to do this? In fact I can't even access seat...
  10. Baysider

    Seat Map: SeatGuru and SeatExpert Disagree !!

    So I'm flying Thai TG 473 BKK to BNE on Sunday 24 March (23:59 departure) in J. SeatGuru says it's a 1-2-1 fishbone style seat configuration, while SeatExpert says it's a conventional 2-3-2 seat configuration. Which one is correct?
  11. Baysider

    Mexico - beware airport security corruption

    Corruption is alive and well in Mexico. Checked in to depart from Puerto Vallarta and arrived at security with five 50 ml assorted Tequila mini's in a snap lock bag in my carry on. "Sir, we can't let you take these, the alcohol content is too high" (they're marked from 25-40%). A heated debate...
  12. Baysider

    Older Kids Means Time to Change Airline Alliance Strategy

    I've just returned from a 3 week trip across 4 countries with my partner and kids (teenagers). The OneWorld lounges ALL played hardball on the "one guest" rule which meant that most times we opted not to use the lounge. In the past this was never an issue, but this time it was ALWAYS an issue...
  13. Baysider

    Add-on Ski Insurance ?

    We have Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance. We'll be travelling late December to Canada and will probably do a couple of days of skiing during the trip. Skiing is not mentioned in the multi-trip policy. Does anyone know of somebody that offers an add-on ski insurance policy?
  14. Baysider

    Comparison: 28 Degree vs Citibank Plus

    ​I am now the proud owner of both of these cards, having been a 28 Degree (Wizard) card holder for years and now a Citibank Plus Visa Debit holder as well. I recently made some travel bookings via US websites, and additionally my partner had a business trip to the US, so we had an opportunity...
  15. Baysider

    Help guesting into Delta lounge at LAX ?

    Hi folks, my partner has just landed at LAX off the 8 hour delayed QF15 from Brisbane. She missed her onward connections to MCI and has been moved on to a Delta flight at 18:50. She now has a 4 hour layover at LAX. Is there anyone out there who might be kind enough to guest her into the Delta...
  16. Baysider

    What to do - 8 hour delay to QF15 announced 5 mins after clearing customs.

    My partner just cleared customs to be met by an announcement that QF15 will be delayed from 10.35 to 18.30 !! Has been told she can't leave the terminal as she's cleared customs ! Also she will miss two US domestic connections, missing an important meeting Sunday night in Kansas City and the...
  17. Baysider

    OW Emerald Exit Row Seat Unavailability ?

    I've just booked seats on Cathay Pacific LAX-HKG-BNE departing LAX 13/01/2013. On doing seat selection all exit row seats are greyed out (unavailable). If I cannot select these seats with OW Emerald status, exactly who can? Isn't this supposed to be a benefit of having OW Emerald status?
  18. Baysider

    How to Establish Alaska Airlines Booking Class

    We have secured some Alaska Airlines flights between Calgary and LAX. I want to establish if the flights will earn Qantas points (earned in economy classes BGHKLMQSTUVY). The booking class is not clearly shown in the confirmation, which states: VALID AS/NONREF CHNG SUBJ TO FEE -BG:AS If that...
  19. Baysider

    Safe Transit Time Allowance at LAX - Inbound from Mexico & Outbound to Brisbane

    We plan to pass through LAX on the evening of January 13, 2013 (Sunday). The flight in from Mexico will almost certainly be one that is scheduled to land at 6.19pm. The choices for onward flights to Brisbane are from 9.30pm, 10.15pm (favoured), and later. What's the minimum safe transit time...
  20. Baysider

    Sneaky Hertz "Upgrade to Hertz #1 Club Gold for free!" Promotion

    I just received an email from Hertz entitled "Upgrade to Hertz #1 Club Gold for free!". When you follow the links it takes you to a page that requires you to provide a credit card number, and in the fine print it reads "Annual Membership Fee is $ 60". I refused to go any further, but...