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  1. holdenvxman

    Qantas 'pocketing $100m' in excess card fees

    Qantas denies pocketing $100 million from card surcharges Qantas denies pocketing $100 million from card surcharges Read more: Qantas denies pocketing $100 million from card surcharges |
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    VA Lounge Question

    Im flying PER to DPS with VA, anyone know if you can access any lounges at PER or DPS, Im have gold membership with them.
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    QF Flight returns to SFO after engine blows up

    Quantas 747 Engine Blows Up; SFO Emergency Landing - News Story - KTVU San Francisco Nice hole in the side of the engine
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    US Teen Sailor found by Qantas Airbus A330

    Solo sailor Abby Sunderland alive, awaiting rescue by boat | Perth Now
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    Checking in at AKL

    My flight is at 1255 from AKL and Mrs VX and baby is at 1550, we are both flying to BNE but im going via MEL to maximize my SC's Question is will I be able to check us both in so we can clear immi and get her into the Business lounge so she dosnt have to wait in the Y lounge with our daughter?
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    Any Seat Award

    I got the following anyseat award flight at a cheap rate of 41000 points Flight Out: From To Flight Departure Terminal Fare Conditions Check-in Closes Checked Baggage Seats Thu 27 May 10 12:15 Brisbane 13:50 Sydney QF525 Domestic Business 45 minutes before departure Included: 30kg...
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    Indonesia VOA

    Does anyone know if infants are subject to a VOA in Bali? Im guessing they are!
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    Bassinette Seats on Jetstar

    Im flying Jet*, *Class in March and travelling with my 6 mth old baby, wife and 4 year old daughter. Row 1 both ways are already taken. Does anyone know if there is a policy that pax travelling with infants get priority over these seats?
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    Passengers on lightning-hit Qantas flight delayed on Gold Coast

    Passengers on lightning-hit Qantas flight delayed on Gold Coast | The Courier-Mail They should never have stopped services into OOL
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    Standing? Fat Tax? Toilet Tax?

    Ryanair plans standing, stool options | World Breaking News | .
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    Air New Zealand cabin crew strip off for safety video

    Air New Zealand cabin crew strip off for safety video I think its very well done! :mrgreen::oops: YouTube - Bare essentials of safety from Air New Zealand Air New Zealand cabin crew strip off for safety video | Travel News |
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    Qantas Amex Ultimate card free flight!

    Yesterday I spoke to a guy about canceling, anyway to keep me on he offered to wave my fee that is due to go on tomorrow, I asked him about the flights and he said I had until 1900 today to ring and claim this years flight, I called and they closed at 1800 ( I had been at work all day ) then the...
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    Qantas names new chief executive

    QANTAS has named Alan Joyce, the head of its Jetstar offshoot, as chief executive of the airline group. Mr Joyce becomes chief executive designate from today and will take over when outgoing chief Geoff Dixon steps down after the company's annual general meeting in November. Qantas chairman...
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    Availability SIN-SYD

    Could a kind person please post availability from EF on the A380 QF SIN-SYD +/- 3 days 19th Feb 09. TIA
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    Hello My flight to dps from LHR is connecting in SIN, there is only 1 and a half hours between conecting flights, what happens if the LHR to SIN is delayed? there is not another flight to DPS for a few days???
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    Whats Better BA or AA Metal?

    Hello Im going JFK>LHR on BA at this stage but i was reading on seatguru that the seats a slightly bigger on the AA 777 plane in coach. Comments anyone? Thanks heaps :lol:
  17. holdenvxman

    Whats Better BA or QF Metal?

    Im going to have a couple of options to fly BA or QF in coach for a RTW, I have never been in a QF 744ER nor a BA 747. Would like your thoughts