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  1. TomVexille

    Qantas Restaurants is back!

    Qantas have now partnered with Quandoo to bring back points earn for booking restaurants. It is still 100 points per diner. This appears to work internationally. Terms are as below
  2. TomVexille

    Bombardier to sell Commercial Aircraft Business

    It was announced today that Bombardier is going to sell their regional jet business to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. No word if this...
  3. TomVexille

    AA & DFW to build new Terminal

    From the Dallas Morning News, AA has signed an agreement to build Terminal F at DFW as well as upgrade Terminal C Given AA's massive presence at DFW, this...
  4. TomVexille

    DOM to INT at KUL

    Hi all, I'm considering booking a dom to int itinerary on MH. It looks like the specific international flight tends to leave from the H gates. With that in mind, is it possible to take the train out to the satellite terminal to the MH F lounge and then back to the H gates to the flight?
  5. TomVexille

    New ADL Premium Security Lane

    About time, but it appears that either the airlines banded together or the airport has agreed, but ADL has a premium security line. The man checking eligibility at the entrance said it was new (obviously). Just breezed through straight to the front a few minutes ago. Gets a big tick from me.
  6. TomVexille

    ADL Dinner Feb 27 or 28

    I've ended up making a last minute trip to Adelaide this week and was wondering if anyone wanted to catch up over dinner/drinks? I'm pretty flexible on whatever date. I'm here until Friday. Paging @Pushka @Buzzard @Aeolus @Anna and anyone else in town
  7. TomVexille

    Free QC pass available - expires end of Feb [NOW TAKEN]

    Hi all, I have an electronic QC/international J lounge pass to give away. It does need to be used by the end of the month. Preference given to AFFers of 6+ months & 25+ posts Hopefully someone can use it as I had intended to put this up earlier.
  8. TomVexille

    How many people actually fly F in their lives?

    I'm curious, what percentage of the Australian Population have actually flown in F at least once in their lives? Proper long haul F to qualify.
  9. TomVexille

    UA launching LAX-SIN

    The article is riddled with inaccuracies so I'm not sure if it should be taken seriously, but this would be an interesting development in UA's Asian strategy. If it goes ahead they will trump SQ's re-launch of the route. However I don't think you'll find me on a UA aircraft for a 17+ hour...
  10. TomVexille

    Air New Zealand Most Reputable Company in Australia

    NZ has been named the most reputable firm in Australia by AMR and the Reputation Institute. Air New Zealand nabs top spot as most reputable company in ... Australia |
  11. TomVexille

    Wellington to get a Doubletree

    There's finally going to be a HH property in Wellington with a Doubletree set to open later this year Hilton hotel for Wellington's restored T&G building |
  12. TomVexille

    New Hilton Garden Inn in Singapore

    Just noticed that there's now a Hilton Garden Inn to open in Singapore in April. They aren't taking bookings yet however. Singapore Hotel - Hilton Garden Inn - Little India
  13. TomVexille

    New Flagship Lounges

    Don't think I've seen it here (could be wrong) but I just noticed that AA mentioned on instagram that they will be opening new Flagship Lounges at DFW, MIA & PHL. Details here
  14. TomVexille

    "Runway Overruns Common"

    Seems like a lax attitude to safety from Akbar Al Baker. Runway overruns 'happen quite often': Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker
  15. TomVexille

    New Zealand rolling out next gen Smartgates

    The new generation of Smargates has been installed at AKL departures. New generation SmartGates installed at Auckland Airport |
  16. TomVexille

    NZ to launch SGN flights next year

    Air New Zealand confirms flights to Ho Chi Minh starting next year From the article: Air New Zealand confirms Vietnam flights - Business - NZ Herald News
  17. TomVexille

    Tell me where to go [McLaren Vale]

    We're thinking of wandering around the McLaren Vale on Monday (2 Nov). Does anyone have any "must visit" or "can't miss" wineries? All suggestions welcome :)
  18. TomVexille

    TK to launch SYD in 2016

    Turkish Airlines have confirmed that they will launch IST-SYD mid next year and will add MEL later on.
  19. TomVexille

    Surfing Safety

    NZ at it again Air New Zealand releases new safety video |
  20. TomVexille

    More US travellers packing heat

    Do these people really think that they're going to sneak guns through security? Or do they legitimately forget? More US travellers packing heat, says TSA |