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    Fiji Horror on Pacific Blue

    Can't be any international airline because of Virgin Nigeria which is more recent than DJ. (For that matter, the now defunct Virgin Express & Virgin Sun both operated internationally as well). So I would guess it is the license from the Virgin group rather than a restriction from SQ. Of course...

    Fiji Horror on Pacific Blue

    Some of the issues the original poster states are the sort of operational issues that are annoying & inconvenient but also an expected part of flying a LCC (or any airline) ie weather delay/cancellation, re-routing, missed connections, computer issues. Some however are indefensible from any...

    Open Access Airport Lounges

    I have added a resource to my site that lists the lounges available at airports worldwide with alternative access programs (Diners, Amex, Priority Pass, Lounge Pass, Paid Day Passes, etc). In updating it I realized there may be a few other options for some of the cities you mention: Airport...

    Open Access Airport Lounges

    OK, {The Australian American Express Charge card gives you Priority Pass access - with no co-pay. If you are eligible for the US Amex Platinum Charge Card program then you get access to...

    AMEX Lounges

    What airlines would you be flying? LAX has 7 terminals, NYC covers 3 different airports and quite a few terminals etc. The terminals you are flying too from are going to have a bearing on what lounges you might be able to access (you can't go through security in the US unless your flight leaves...

    Poor logic of credit card surcharges

    Don't get me started on Qantas charging a surcharge while at the same time pushing Credit Cards like wild through all their cobranded bank relationships - I mean, there are cobranded QF Amex, Diners, & Visa as well as QF earning Mastercards etc. I am actually quite surprised the banks didn't...

    Open Access Airport Lounges

    Depends on the airlines travelled but every US airline I can think of sells day passes that will give you access to their lounge for $45-$50, usually only restricted to domestic lounges though so not sure about those in other countries. Otherwise, Priority Pass may be an option. However...

    Poor logic of credit card surcharges

    I was just thinking about the issue of charging a surcharge for credit card usage in Australia (and how it is not allowed in the US) and the logic off it. So, I understand the theory was to recover the cost of the merchant fees charged on credit card transactions ~3% However, what is odd...

    Diner's Club Lounge Access for US issues Platinum Card. Also - don't forget that if you do buy Priority Pass access you can use it to access Virgin Blue Lounges in Australia so depending on your domestic travel policy, may...

    Diner's Club Lounge Access

    Something for nothing (since it is your work card) is always good although the lounge access from Diners is far weaker than the access provided by Amex (for non AU issued cards) or from Priority Pass, or from QF membership, or pretty much any other way you would get lounge access. Diners should...

    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    Re: AMEX not accepted or surchage Mastercard is not accepted in Zimbabwe at all - only Visa, Amex & Diners. Of course Zimbabwe is a world unto itself but still another case of Visa and Mastercard acceptance being different. Travel guide for Zimbabwe | Tourist Information

    Huge shopping resource

    Just updating the URL for anyone looking at this old thread. My frequent flyer resourses site move (a year ago?) to - it's still my site, just given a more powerful back end etc. The Australian offers are integrated with those from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and New...

    The ULTIMATE Qantas Guide

    Hi - FYI the link posted here is slightly out of date. The link to RewardsDB should be - Find the best rewards when you shop online. . RewardsDB has been expanded with more AU & NZ rewards programs (as well as US, UK, Canada, Ireland) - please let me know (via the contact form on...


    Slightly different angle. Skype is partnered with some rewards programs in the US and Uk (but unfortunately not in Oz) - of interest is an indirect way to earn priority club points or Alaska or Delta Miles... - see: Skype available cashback, points, miles, & coupons from - US...

    Who has the lowest QF number

    I'm not even in the running :( - 307xx_X

    New version of RewardsDB Australia.

    Hi, The new version of RewardsDB Australia is live at; find cashback, airline miles, points. and coupons when you shop online. hopefully it is easier to use than the old version - and there are more programs included.

    Airport Lounge Access with Credit Card

    I don't think any of the Australian issued cards have this feature any more - the Citibank Gold card used to give access to Northwests Worldclubs in asia but now does not. Many US credit cards give one or two annual passes good for one visit to that airlines lounge. Now the DJ has launched 'the...

    Credit Card Offers

    Any financial institution has access to your credit report and can offer you credit based on that - although I think mostly they are just asking you to apply now or at least the offer is conditional on you meeting all the requirements (since Australian credit reports don't include your current...

    How do I pay my credit card bills from overseas?

    Hi, I am in a similar situation - Australian living in the US. There are several possibilities - all helped immensely if you have an Australian bank account. >Bank with a multinational like Citibank that lets you do lower cost wire transfers to other Citi accounts. >Use PayPal or similar...

    Longest points to post...

    Last week I received AA miles for an online (US) tax return I did in Feb 2005 through H&R Block - I had completely given up on it and then it appeared. My Australian transactions with QF (and historically AN) always post pretty quick.