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    KrisFlyer Points expiry

    As far as you know :)
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    The view from my "office"

    And this is how a pro photographer captures them- Alex has been sharing some fantastic drone photography on local sites
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    India Covid

    The driver who we have used on our previous trips in India has his own theory. 50ml of Indian rum every day-says none of his friends have been sick!
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    The view from my "office"

    There have been a few storms building around Port Macquarie this morning.-no rain though
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    10 years of lurking

    Your account is well decanted! Welcome
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    Housewatch: Drake Edition

    And I thought getting land registered & our build was a slow process! :) Hope you make some great memories in your new home
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    If That's The Worst Thing that Can Happen.... (very belated trip report)

    Great stuff. Fantastic photos and I have enjoyed reading your commentary.
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    North of Frankfurt

    We have managed to score flights to Frankfurt for late Aug 2022 with a return from Milan about 5 weeks later. We have spent a fair bit of time in Southern Germany & Italy previously but this time we may venture north first. We are keen walkers but fine dining and museums are not high priorities...
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    Qantaslink CBR-SYD Dash 8 Q400 Economy Review - Scoobs TV

    Enjoyed the video. I ride the Dash 8 a bit from PQQ. I think you will be able to get the back row 19 each time if you are keen on it :)
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    The view from my "office"

    The coffee rock is getting uncovered again at Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie
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    Best Hotel room views (no car parks)

    This is a video taken from a house we hired in Virpazar in Montenegro-Lake Skadar was across the road and the neighbours were pretty noisy
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    Best Hotel room views (no car parks)

    Yes. From memory we opted for a 1 bedroom air conditioned 3 star category boat-great time & some very interesting villages along the backwaters
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    Best Hotel room views (no car parks)

    2007 Kerala Boat Hire offered nice views
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    7 weeks in Tokyo (and 2 in Quarantine)

    Thanks for some great insights. You have some excellent photos
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    The view from my "office"

    Certainly not the nicest day we have had recently. Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie this morning (the day is improving)
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    Best Hotel room views (no car parks)

    We rented this place at Petersburg Alaska, right on the main channel
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    Flowers, sun and stubble.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your trip. So many things to learn about Aust. I like that the 3 clock faces are working- bit of a rarity
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    Best Hotel room views (no car parks)

    In 2013 we stayed on Lake Orta at a freestanding "apartment"' Apartment La Darsena Orta San Guilio Own boat shed underneath No close neighbours Good views
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    I try to outsmart the virus.

    I have a cousin in Emerald. From what I see of Facebook posts they have a very strong art group there. Really enjoying your report