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    Upgrade at all possible here?

    Booked Melb-Alice Springs rtn. Boths ways flying 737 in Economy O class :( Travelling with elderly person with mobility 'issues'. Q has emailed me saying can't upgrade using my QFF points, too bad you're stuck in O so there :mad: Im keeping my eyes on the flight and business class is...
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    Qantas 'Limousine' Service

    Anyone used Qantas Drive? How would you rate it? What exactly is Qs definition of "highly appointed vehicles" esp. standard and luxury sedan/s?.....I'm hoping something better than an AU Falcon with 15" steelies. :rolleyes: At risk of sounding xenophobic - please explain :!: - are the...
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    QFF for Dummies

    Please excuse my ignorance (I wont even try to hide it) for asking this question. I'm new, dazed and confused and in desperate need of help. I'm a QFF, have never actually used any of my points. Fly Q perhaps only once a year:oops: the majority of my points come from credit card...