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    Very prompt refund from Singapore Airlines

    We'd booked SYD-CNS return for September 2021 in March 2021. The points were Krisflyer points that had been converted from Velocity points last year in March. The flights were on an Air New Zealand code share on Qantas metal. I thought it would be a nightmare to deal with if we weren't able to...
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    Avoid booking fee when paying taxes on reward fare?

    I'm looking at booking a four return tickets using my Velocity points, however I want to pay the taxes with $ instead of points as to me they are cheaper if paid in $. I was going to buy a Virgin gift voucher to cover the cost, however you can't use vouchers when paying the tax component of a...
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    Change of complimentary insurance provider effective 1st May 2016

    Just received this letter with my Signature statement: 16 April 2016 Dear asterix, Changes to your Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Signature Complimentary Insurance Provider We would like to inform you about an update being made to your Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Signature Complimentary...
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    Jetstar 787-800 seat map

    Does anybody know which website I should trust with regards to the seat map for Jetstar's 787-800. The one on the left is from Seatguru which shows the wing from 29-44, whereas the Jetstar seat allocation map on the right shows the wing from seats 23-31. Anybody know which one is more accurate?
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    Citi's premier miles program in Australia

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about this Citi premier miles program that is discussed in this article: "Potter plans to leverage the local unit's...
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    Telstra now accepting Paypal

    Telstra partners with PayPal for bill payments | Telstra Exchange Came across this link which was posted on another site yesterday. Telstra is now accepting Paypal as a payment method and there is no fee for doing so.
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    Spend $50 at Target get $25 back on statement

    Just saw this posted on Facebook by Target. Register your card and when you spend $50 or more between December 10th and December 24th in store or online at Target you will have $25 credited back to you statement
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    Immigration and customs in Malaysia

    I've tried calling Malaysian Airlines and emailing them, but can't seem to get a straight answer. We're flying Sydney to Kuantan, however we have a 4 hours stop in Kuala Lumpur before our connecting domestic flight to Kuantan. We arrive in KL at around 5AM and our connecting flight isn't until...
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    Are bonus points still earned on AMEX Qantas Discovery?

    I just got an AMEX Qantas Discovery card and was wondering if anyone knew if the promotions like the AAMI 10x points promotion also worked for this card, or do these promotions only work if you get MR points on your card?