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    Business Award Perth-Auckland

    Hi, a year or two back we did a business award PER-AKL (via Krisflyer points/Star Alliance) & there was plenty of availability when we booked 10 - 11 months before the trip. We would like to do the same trip again but when we search on it shows PLENTY of Economy awards seats but...
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    Releasing Classic award seats

    Hi, I have been reading in the threads that WP members can ring up & request classic award seats to be released for their chosen flights if possible. I am trying to finalise a Business Class Oneworld award booking for 11 months time for myself & my wife & the seats in one of the sectors have...
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    Oneworld award question

    Hi, We are planning a Oneworld Award Booking & understand the 35000 mile maximum, but have a two questions. 1) One of our sectors is "open jaw" between 2 cities that don't have a direct oneworld flight. Do they add the miles to fly direct between the 2 points or the miles that would be required...
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    Flights to Europe

    Hi, I'm trying to work out the best flight options for some friends for their trip to Europe & would really appreciate any thoughts & suggestions. (This will be a paid flight as they don't have any frequent flyer points) Here are the flights they need: Perth to Venice (somewhere in Spain...
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    Best option to redeem pts to Auckland?

    Hi, I'm trying to find out the best option to get return flights for both of my parents from Perth to Auckland in February or March next year (they are quite flexible with exact dates). Are have about 27,000 altitude points at the original 1:1 value & about 80,000 altitude points at the new...
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    QFF Free membership?

    Hi, I'm trying to help out my Mum. She had QFF membership some time back, but it lapsed due to inactivity & it seems that joining again would cost $82.50. She has now had a Altitude card for a while & would like to convert the points to QFF for a small trip. Just wondered if anyone had any...
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    GSM Sim card for USA & Canada

    Hi, We are travelling to Los Angeles, Alaska & Vancouver in a few months & would like to take our LG GSM mobile phone with us - primarily for emergency use & SMS back to relatives in Australia for the couple of weeks we are there. Our first stop will be Los Angeles for a few days - is it...
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    Qantas club invitation

    Hi, (I sent this message a while back, but I tacked into onto another message so it might have gt missed - hope this is OK) We have 2 x Qantas Club Complimentary Invitations & wonder if someone could help. Our invitations expire end of June 08, but our next trip is in September where we...
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    Credit card recommendations

    Hi everyone, I have been reading through the various posts on credit card recommendations & would appreciate any thoughts on our situation. My wife & myself both have had the fee free for life Gold Visa credit cards for some time but they have started imposing the 60,000 point maximum...
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    Award Bookings

    Hi, I just wondered if there is an easier way to check award booking availability (i.e. flights using Qantas Frequent flyer points) on non-Qantas Airlines? The Qantas website appears to show QF, BA, AA. But is there an easier way to check avail on Alaska Airlines, Japan Airlines & Cathay...
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    Oneworld upgrades

    Hi All, If I make a business class one world booking (using frequent flyer points) am I able to upgrade the long haul sectors to first class (also using points)? Thanks, Gary.
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    Trip to Canada / Alaska

    Hi everyone, We are planning a trip to Canada & Alaska around September next year using frequent flyer points & would really appreciate some advice / tips & thoughts. We will start (& finish!) in Perth & need to arrive into Vancouver & leave out of Anchorage (or vice-versa). Stops to get...
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    Oneworld award booking

    Hi, We are in the process of making a round-the-world One world booking. They told us that if we miss ANY flight for any reason that is not their fault (eg slept in, missed train, taxi broke down) then the ENTIRE rest of the ticket would automatically be CANCELLED. Just wondered if anyone...