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  1. IainF

    You can now "waitlist" for an upgrade

    Just tried to upgrade Flexi fare BNE-CNS-BNE & there was no Z class available. The lady I spoke to at the call centre advised that as of today, I can "waitlist" for an upgrade. (Which I did) They will advise via text if successful as late as 4 hours prior to flight. The loading of my flights...
  2. IainF

    Valet parking - BNE warning

    I dropped off the car on Friday afternoon to the rotunda (under the Lounge) on Friday afternoon & was advised I had to go to Level 4 in the short term carpark to pick it up. OK, it's because renovations are taking place to build the new Premium Lounge entry. I was walked from the new Valet...
  3. IainF

    Cheap status runs in USA using Virgin America specials in First.

    Flights from Virgin America | Virgin Flights
  4. IainF

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    So I booked a flexi BNE-MEL today to spend a weekend away. I was thinking of using points to upgrade but I thought I would plug the figures into UpgradeMe and see the results. So this is the difference between the UpgradeMe minimum cost versus just paying the difference. Minimum of...
  5. IainF

    Time for SCs to post from EY getting way too long.....

    I noticed a flight I took back in March finally posted to my account. Processed Date Activity Date Description Status Credits Velocity Points 06 Sep 13 28 Mar 13 Brisbane-Abu Dhabi EY0473 160 11,229 7,486 18,715 I had given up on this landing into my account and the SCs haven't...
  6. IainF

    Etihad on board wifi

    I am currently 50 mins into my J AUH-SYD flight and using the on board WIFI. Quite fast and only $21 for 24 hours coverage. The more I fly Etihad, the more I like them.
  7. IainF

    Velocity Website errors - Master List

    We can see that there is quite a number of issues with the Velocity site ATM, ie status credits being reset to zero, bookings not showing up etc etc.... Just wondering if it is worth having one central post to log them and give the good folk at Velocity IT/Sabre a hand to make sure they are...
  8. IainF

    LA for Xmas, New York for New Years.

    Back in July, I spied a great fare in J on VA to JFK from BNE. I rang my wife & within 10 minutes had booked the following for XMAS. BNE-SYD-LAX//LAX-JFK//JFK-LAX-SFO//SFO-LAX//LAX-BNE over a 3 week period. Price paid to be in J on VA and F on VX was $5700 each, which was a bargain, considering...
  9. IainF

    Looking for a Circle Asia fare (or similar) that includes Middle East.

    MrsF is heading for a work trip that will encompass BNE-SIN-AUH-PVG-HKG-BNE (with MrsF Mum's as a travelling companion) in J. I am struggling to find any air fare that meet this need and would love any suggestions. She would prefer to use Etihad/VA/Singapore as a preferance. We have to book...
  10. IainF

    DJ469 PER-BNE Fri 14th Dec gone unserviceable.

    MrsF has just been offloaded from DJ469 after sitting on the plane for over an hour whilst they tried to get #2 engine started. She is currently back in the lounge and awaiting further instructions but it's not looking good. I can't see them finding another plane in PER at short notice and the...
  11. IainF

    How to make 4 people plat in 9 months with the flying of one person

    Just had the phone call from Velocity to say that my companion gold member has just been bumped up to Platinum, which made me think about how many SCs have passed through Mrs F's account over the last year and why I am very grateful for the way VA & Velocity do things. Dec 2011 - my SCs are...
  12. IainF

    BNE VA lounge gets J/Plat area in 8-12 weeks.

    Mrs F is at the Bne lounge & was told that in 8-12 weeks they will definitely be opening the section for Plats & J class pax. This is great news for those who achieved/maintained plat. Another body shot to Qantas...
  13. IainF

    Va bne- akl

    Quick query.... Are the 737-800s on BNE-AKL still premium economy or have they upgraded to Business Class seating ?
  14. IainF

    BNE-LAX-JFK return on VA J

    Just booked our annual trip to USA at Xmas with VA in J for a wonderfully cheap price of $5700 all in each. Actual routing is BNE-SYD-LAX stop, LAX-JFK stop, JFK-LAX stop, LAX-BNE. We were pre -allocated the wonderful row 5 on the VA legs and are doing the internal legs on Virgin America J (F)...
  15. IainF

    Air New Zealand J Class fares to USA.

    I have been pricing my annual Xmas trip to the USA and have come across a brilliant fare in Business Premier to Lax & JFK on ANZ. Leaving BNE on dec 25th returning 9th Jan to JFK with a stop over in LAX is pricing out at $5325 inc taxes. VA want $6900 and QF is $7600. Given ANZ's great J class...
  16. IainF

    Hotel comments come to light...

    I booked Mrs F into the Hilton on the Park in Melbourne last week for a stay last night. We had origiannly made a phone booking as the res system was down & we needed to lock it in. The room booked was a twin, as that was all that was available, but I specifically asked the inhouse reservations...
  17. IainF

    Flight time to BKK

    Just noticed on booking from SYD - BKK that the flight time is now 14 hours 50 minutes. Is there some new routing that I am unaware of?
  18. IainF

    Problem - How to "sight" a credit card in Bangkok QF office?

    I have booked a flight from Bkk-BNE and popped down my credit card number for them to use for the extras. Booking was made, but now they want to sight the card in the BKK office. Previously, I had shown the card at an Australian office, but they are adament they want to see the card before...
  19. IainF

    Three go to Bkk in First for SFA.

    Just booked a trip from BNE to BKK for myself, Mrs F & the MiL. Using some sage & wise advice from Mr Lindsay Wilson aka QFWP and points across four different FF programs I have just finished booking all but one flight of our trip in April. So far, my itinerary is BNE-SIN in F on EK connecting...
  20. IainF

    Best RTW J fare for Velocity points?

    We have to go BNE-LAX-JFK-LHR-HKG-BNE in April and have seen a few fares on BestFlights that list a Virgin Aust & Atlantic combo that are around $11k+. Is there any fares we can book via corp TA (Engencia) that will maximise J SCs & points but keeping the cost to a minimum. Cheers