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    compensation for theft of electrical goods from hotel room

    Some items were stolen from our hotel room in thailand valued at approx 1000 aud. The hotel has offered us a weeks worth of accomodation or marriott rewards points somewhere to the value of the lost goods. Any suggestions as to what we should take?
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    QF 93 24th Jan 2010 - What plane is it?

    Hey All, All of my printed itinerarys from the TA that booked my flight MEL-LAX say that I am flying on a 747-400, however I note that on it says that im on an A380?? Can anyone verify the plane type tomorrow? I want to ensure I can select a decent seat, as i have never flown...
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    QF9 Saturday 23rd August

    Is there a way to check and see if this 747 has a 4 class cabin or a 3 class cabin? Trying to book a premium economy ticket via the website seems to route via Sydney rather than a direct Mel-Sin flight. JP
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    QFF Award Booking

    Is it me or does everyone have problems when finding a flight and adding it to the itenary only to find 3 seconds later that it crashes and says the following.. An internal error has occurred in the Qantas Frequent Flyer, online Award booking system. If you have provided your credit card...
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    AA Flight to US Cheaper than QF

    Hi There, I am confused as to why booking a flight to the US using AA is cheaper than using QF even though the service from MEL-LAX is being operated by QF? Are there any issues with booking international flights with how does the ticketing work? Regards, JonnoP
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    Accomodation Suggestions in Hong Kong

    Wife and I are gonna spend 5 days in Hong Kong as a part of our rewards booking. Has anyone got a suggestion as to where is a nice place to stay? Regards, Jonno
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    SG to WP on next trip to USA

    Hi All, Has anyone been able to get Qantas to pre-comped from SG to WP when you can confirm that you will earn enough SC's for WP on your next trip? Im due to fly out to USA on Sunday from Melbourne in J class with some First class fares in the USA before returning in J back to Melbourne...